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    "why is it that every time the wealthy in this country are facing any type of loss of income through taxes or corporate malfeasance the situation becomes the onset of Armageddon for the rest of us?"

    Why does the prison warden go home to his family for a home cooked meal every night while the prisoners stay locked behind bars?

    It's time we removed childish "why"s from our discourse and adopt a more wizened revolutionary tone:

    God damn it, we know why; it's time to start fighting!

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    a good job...

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    When the GOP bosses the primary so as to marginalize Ron Paul, and governs as Bush governed, then the Paulites and the Progressives will be ready for coalition in 2013 and beyond.

    It's sad that we had to lose so many crucial years, when we could have done this in 2009.

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    On the contrary, MyDD is back from the dead.

    It used to be a Progressive blog that endorsed a temporary partisan strategy, then people stupidly conflated the Democrats with a vehicle for real change, rather than a less evil version of the GOP.

    Obama has that effect on people...

    Now we can return to fighting for actual change; you'll know it's real when you see the Big Banks and the MIC howl in agony. Until then, it's just for show.

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    many of them are what we would call Libertarians, a.k.a. Ron Paul types. Vince Cable is the Ron Paul of the U.K.

  • 1: Clinton was owned by the same people that own Obama

    2: The policies would be the exact same, if not worse

    3: Obama had the advantage of being neither a Clinton nor a Bush, and that's it

    4: The last election was a desperation move by the American people to slow down negative change, it worked: the task at hand in 2009 was to use that newly bought time to gather forces for real change.

    5: If you are to blame the DKos folks for anything, it was for torpedoing any chance for a Progressive / Ron Paul alliance that would have been the nucleus for any real change; and for

    6: apologizing for a doomed to fail administration, again, preventing real change

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    The Liar in Chief, and his apologists!

  • 1) You understate the amount of regulatrory capture by both the politicians and Wall Street by focusing on the tenure of Volcker; as it stands the Fed is a creature of a Wall Street run amok.

    2) With the "indispensible" Fed on the beat, whence came 70s, 80s inflation in the first palce?

    This is like calling Bernanke the "savior" of the economy when he was saying there was no housing bubble all along (let's not even bring up the crimes of Greenspan).

    3) Most Democrats, leftists, liberals, Progressives, socialists etc. have no ideological or theoretical problem with government intervention in the economy (ironically, that sounds a lot like your hated Ron Paul) we just want it to be transparent and under democratic control.

    4) Nothing could be a more Soviet institution than the Federal Reserve, but you seek to invoke Soviet Central Planning as something to be avoided. Which is it?

    5) The issue at hand is transparency; don't misdirect by starting a new argument about the merits of an "independent" Fed.

    6) Democratic government is more important thatn economic optimization, if the economy were to be less efficient with a government of, by, and for the people, I'm willing to take the "hit".

    7) Come back when you've thought it through.

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    when you know the Chinese et al. have already saved you from imposing real costs on constituents.

    More kabuki will save the world how?

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    who nees enemies?

    When you are going to destroy democracy, it helps to have legalistic fig leaves to confuse useful idiots in America.

    Would you call FDR a dictator?

    He stacked the court when his programs to help the poor were thwarted by the right wing.

    At the time, dictator was the term applied to him by fascists, the open kind, and the closet fascists of the GOP.

    By their fruits shall ye know them.

  • Obama did not equate change with a return to the glorious nineties during most of 2008 (i.e. during the primaries).

    Clinton isn't a natural diplomat; yet I am glad she is leaving the Senate.

    This is perhaps part of a Unity Government to deal with the Great Tribulation ahead.

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    that has the chance to endure on the rocky seas of the next 4 years and beyond.

    Clinton is not by nature a diplomat; let's not pretend that she was chosen for her skill set.

    What it isn't is Change.

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    I'm really a 1 issue guy; Iraq.

    Betray me on that and it's on.

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    it's the foreshadowing of the Iraq Betrayal that has everyone up in arms.

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    hypothesis is DEAD WRONG.

    It's not congeniality, it's class unity. They are waging war on us, if you haven't noticed.


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