The Great Howard Dean B-Day Project of Ought'6

And the winning suggestion (both here and on DailyKos) of the Great Howard Dean Birthday Card Project of Ought-6 is... ::drumroll::

Snail-mail a birthday card to Dr. Dean and enclose a check/money order to the DNC for $XX.50 (i.e., any amount you want, plus 50 cents in support the 50-State Strategy)!

More in Extended....

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UPDATED: Howard Dean birthday/DNC contribution ideas

UPDATE: Please see my new diary for the final plan. And thanks for making this a Recommended Diary! :-)

For the last couple days several ideas have been bantered about on DailyKos (and elsewhere, no doubt) regarding how to thank Howard Dean and the new, improved DNC for putting the 50 State Strategy into motion, and showing earlier-than-expected success with the 2006 election victories. Then, of course, today we learn James Carville thinks Dean has done such a great job that he should be replaced by Harold Ford. So, in order to say "Thanks, Howard!" and "F.U., James!" simultaneously, because we are efficient like that, we hope to organize a birthday gift to Dr. Dean in the form of massive donations to the DNC to coincide with his birthday next Friday. Think in terms of the roses we inundated Senator Boxer with on Valentine's Day 2005. I'm crossposting this on MyDD as there's great support for Dean here as well, plus I needed an excuse to finally post a diary after being registered and lurking so long. Heh.

The plans, such as they are, are in Extended.

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