Take Back America

Are any MyDDers planning to attend the Take Back America conference next week?  I'll be going for Frontier PAC.  It would be nice to have a MyDD cocktail hour, no?

GOP to Give Away Santorum Assignment

Political Wire runs a blurb today speculating that the GOP is using Rick Santorum's committe assignment as a carrot to keep Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the Senate.  One would be tempted to ask what Santorum might think of this, if it weren't obvious that his party thinks he's going to lose.

Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.

Last week I mentioned Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., in a MyDD comment, and then promised a reader to write a diary on the subject.  Here it is, albeit belatedly:

I worked for GCI for a while during last year's election, and then again for a period late this winter.  I've gone on to do other things--but I can't recommend them highly enough, for certain people.  Essentially, if you work for GCI you will get on-the-ground experience executing electoral and issue campaigns right away, and you'll get a chance to succeed or fail based entirely on how hard you work, regardless of whether or not your uncle was deputy-vice-under-assistant to Senator so-and-so.

A new, unique kind of political contracting firm was founded by veteran progressive activists.  CEO Doug Phelps ran USPIRG for years, and the company's principles have serious bonafides in grassroots field camaigns all over the country.  

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