OHIO Judge Just Extended Polling Until 10pm

..at a minuimum... In 16 counties including Cleveland's county

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Remember 1994

Remember 1994? 2006? (none / 0)

We - the New Democratic Party - need to study what Newt Gingrich and company did to seize control of congress in 1994.
There will inevitably be a strong anti-incumbancy mood in our nation in 2006.

It is imperative that:

Every Congressional seat - EVERY SEAT - must be agressively contested

A new, inclusive Democratic message is crafted and repeated

We run AGAINST incumbancy and Washington politics in general, and Bush specifically

Could we get a way with managing our check books the way the Republican controlled government has managaged our national treasury?

guns? a place to start

If we intend to control our country and party again, these and other traditional sacred cows need to be quickly and deliberately slaughtered.
Sure - let's start with guns. Next?

How about abortion? We need to evolve our traditional, steadfast positions here into a more broadly digestable stance. Let's remember, abortion is not a pleasent topic, and this unpleasentness will always enable some degree of a wedge to be driven. One of the few things more unpleasent than the topic itself is denying a woman the right to safety and choice when it comes to her own body.

With that said, are all abortions under all circumstances something we should really be fighting for?

Bill Clinton began leading us down a better path here and we seem to have lost the trail.

Safe, legal, and RARE.

Our clearly defined position on this issue needs to be fewer abortions as the goal. This everyone will agree upon. Education, yes education that  highlights the effectiveness of abstinence, as well as the importance of contraception needs to be key component of the position. Late-term abortions, in the third trimester? This is a hard one to advocate for, and probably not very wise from pragmatic point of view.

Why not this as the the "New Democratic" position on abortion:
Full freedom of choice during the first trimester, increasingly stronger controls and medical requirements as the pregnancy term progresses.

What else?

How about this whole concept of "big government". The New Democrats should become aggressive deficit hawks. Government oversight needs to replace government control as a message, with efficiencies and spending/cost controls a centerpiece.

How about strong support for Veteran benefits and rights? Talk about an inevitably growing segment of our populations. This should be OUR issue, not theirs.

How about tax reform?

I will play these out further in future posts. Combined with re-crafting the message around our core populist positions and values and morals and we can finally build and become the majority party for a generation or more.

It's our country. It's our party. It's our future.....pt


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