70 Years of DNC rule

To all of the people claiming that the Republicans are too powerful, or in that the country needs to shift back to the left. Please look at this chart. It shows the percentage control the Democratic Party has had in the house, senate and presidency over the last 100 years.

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Ask a Bush Voter

In the interest of clarity, I open this thread to offer my best answers to your questions as to why I voted for President Bush. Feel free to pick my brain. I promise to do my best to keep it civil.

Trends in California and New York

Could voter Party ID's have shifted in the last four years. Look at the following newspaper circulations:

% change from 2000 to 2004 average circulation

Right Leaning Papers
The Wall Street Journal, 2,106,774, up 20%
New York Post, 686,207, up 54%

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We keep in Ally

Australia's Prime Minister John Howard scored a stunning victory in Australia's federal election Saturday in a vote ensuring the country keeps its troops in Iraq. Howards Party also increased their lead by 18-22 seats. Freedom is on the march.

Senator Kerry 1 - President Bush 0

John Kerry "won" the debate, but in the war of ideas he could still lose. Because he articulated his ideas better, does not mean that the American people will get behind those ideas. Many statements he made I vehemently disagreed with and the President, in my view, didn't respond effectively.

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1984: Will History Repeat Itself?

It is hard to deny the similarities between this election and that of 1984 between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale. The stark ideological differences the two candidates have has not been more clear for American voters since that election. Bush and Reagan, the rugged individualist types from ranches in the south or Kerry and Mondale metro-sexual type lawyers/senators from the north.
<img src="/files/user/1098/1984.gif">

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Politics as Usual

Is it too much to ask the John Kerry to support President Bush and Prime Minister Allawi in requesting international support for the war in Iraq?  I realize that this is an election, but it seems to me the President and Senator Kerry can agree we need more international support and it would have been nice to show the world that no matter who wins this election the US stands united.  Instead Senator Kerry came out attacking Bush after his request to the UN.  

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