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    Interesting video. I like the part where the commentators keep saying that this isn't about Democrats or Republicans while either bashing the Democrats directly, by association (e.g., with ACORN), or inbetween the lines (e.g., "if we lose Houston [to the Democrats], we lose Texas [to the Democrats]").

    And, of course, none of their claims are substantiated; the most detail they go into involves an anecdote that was even described by the video itself as unverifiable. Funny how people can manage to provide no meaningful information in almost nine minutes of speaking.

    But I suppose people will actually buy it (for the patriotic music, if nothing else) if they'll buy the birther nonsense. (I actually met one in person a few days ago.)

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    This reminds me of the recent execution by firing squad of Ronnie Lee Gardner in Utah. The executioners are anonymous and one of them is given a blank to fire in an attempt to absolve the executioners of guilt by creating ambiguity as to which single person killed the damned.

    That and this would seem to be a testament as to how unjust capital punishment is; if it were really just, it wouldn't be necessary to try and shield executioners from responsibility for their actions. That's not even going into how the whole system is mired in secrecy as the state tries to shield itself as well.

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    Personally, I think the best medicine to deal with Glenn Beck is to ignore him. Reporting on this guy is something more for the more "mainstream media". He exists to incite people, not make thoughtful talking points. (I don't even find this particularly incendiary given that I'm an atheist and would rather see "faith-based" organizations disappear; even in the case of those that work in favor of social justice, I would prefer that they be replaced with secular organizations that aren't going to try to get you to believe in a fairy tale as a condition to helping you.)

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    It's worth noting that Ben Nelson was heavily lobbied and only announced support for the compromise at the last minute while Byrd would only do so if a 60-day Congressional review period was added to the compromise language (it was added). Byrd's review period will give Congress one last opening to prevent repeal after executive certification of new, inclusive standards assuming that the executive branch chooses to certify at all.

    What's interesting is that a majority of Republicans are supportive of repeal given polling, but this isn't at all reflected in what's happening in Congress. Republicans are overwhelming against a path to repeal and even more opposed to outright repeal.


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