ABQJournal: "Madrid Gains Ground" (New Poll!)

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The latest ABQJournal poll is in and it shows a dead heat!

Research & Polling. September 25-28. MoE 5% (August 24-31)

Patricia Madrid (D) 44 (42)
Heather Wilson (R) 44 (45)

According to pollster Brian Sanderoff, Madrid has all the momentum. Sanderoff: "There is real movement toward Madrid in key groups--Hispanics and Democrats." He also concludes that this race is about national issues, especially the war in Iraq. Sanderoff: "It is Iraq and the President's unpopularity. Those are the key issues. The race has become a referendum on Wilson and her ties to those issues... This race is clearly about the war and what is going on in the nation, not here."

According to political analyst Joe Monahan, Wilson's slash and burn politics of personal destruction isn't working. Monahan: "Especially worrisome for the Republicans is the millions of dollars they have already poured into TV ads faulting Madrid for allegedly failing to pursue ethics problems among state officials. The ads may have helped keep Madrid from surging into the lead, but they have not stopped the slow drift toward her."

Monahan also believes that Madrid is poised for victory. Monahan: "In the past the undecided has broken towards Wilson, but at this point they are not. If that trend continues only minimally, the seat will turn."

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