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    I may be a heretic, but I would like Dems to support this plan (hopefully with some modification).  While I don't like the Social Security cuts, getting the program on sounder financial footing would present opportunities in the future to expand the program again. We have all seen the "day of reckoning" pushed further into the future each year as long as the economy grows. We just must insist that the trust fund be sancrosanct.  Congress must appropriate the dollars to trust fund when it is needed.

    Polically, it is also a big win. The senate republicans will filibuster it because of the tax increases, and Dems will be able to point out that they had already voted for a reduction package when the fireworks begin next year.


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    "What sank the Dems and progressives and what will continue to do so is their lack of a clear principled message and the policies that support it."

    Yes, but we shoot ourselves in the foot. Two examples:

    1) During the health care debate, Democrats could not bring themselves to tax health plans that exceeded $23K in value in order to permit people who made $23K in total to have health insurance.

    2) On the same day that the Dems were losing 60 house seats, the San Francisco city council determined that toys should be banned from McDonalds Happy Meals.

    If you want to be taken seriously, be serious!




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    The right doesn't want to just beat progressivism; it wants to end it.  In 2016 there may be nothing left to save.  I wish Democrats hadn't made it so easy.


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    I have always thought that progressives would rather listen to music than loudmouthed talk radio--left or right.

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    Still out in Va
    Loudoun 44% in
    Prince William 17%
    Richmond 67%
    Virginia Beach 33

    Loundan and Prince William now show small Webb leads. Richmond of course is big for Webb

    Va Beach give Allen small lead.
    All in all, I think it looks good for Webb.

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    I wish I could say otherwise, but a filibuster on Alito at this point would be as disastrous for the Dems as Newt's government shutdown in 1995.

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  • From the article:

    "And new savings incentives -- sometimes called add-on accounts -- would be created outside the current Social Security system."

    As long as the accounts are outside of the system this is a win for us. Social security would remain the same and new savings incentives would be created for low- and middle-income Americans.

    This is very much like Al Gore's "Social Security Plus" plan put forth in 2000.  Maybe it's time for Dems to dust that plan off and place it on the table.

  • Ultraworld wrote:
    I don't see a problem there.. remove the FICA cap and keep existing benefit structure. No changes in indexing methods..........

    But you really can't do that.  Using the same structure if you raise the cap on taxed income, future benefits would have to raise as well.
      What is being discussed is raising the cap on income to be taxed, but at the same time capping benefit calculations at $90,000.  For all intents and purposes this is a means test. Once that is done, wouldn't it be easy to add additional means tests?

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    manyoso, while we lost seats under Clinton, it is hard to make the case that a more liberal policy would have fared any better.  Clinton at least put an end to landslide Republican wins at the national level.  Many of the seats we lost were due to a slow progression of conservative southern democrats slowly either switching, retiring and having republicans replace them, or losing.  Remember, Richard Shelby was once a Democrat.  
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    I think #6 is most important of all.  One failing program can taint ten sucessful ones.  Additionally, appearing dogmatic seems to hurt Democrats much more than it does Republicans.  Maybe that has something to do with the absolutism that is at the heart of much of conservative ideology.  Democrats seem to do much better when they have a "roll up the sleeves and look under the hood" attitude instead of pretending to have all the answers.  
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    Yes retirements will make the seats harder to defend, but if we ever want to go back on offense we need some new blood.  
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    Jerome mentioned some incumbents may be inclined to retire; I say they should be encouraged to retire.  This party is in desperate need for new faces.  The most exciting thing that happened this year for the Democrats was the emergence of Barak Obama. We had lots of other great candidates as well who lost. Trouble is these great candidates are forced to run against impossible odds or wait for someone in a more promising area to retire. Many of the older members of congress can best serve their party and country by stepping aside now and let some fresh faces represent the party.
    And if some want to stay on, it may be time for some fresh faces to challenge them in primaries.    


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