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    @fsm, I agree that the people who trampled him are definitely at fault but I think Walmart also has a responsibility to protect its employees and I think it's shirked that responsibility.

    The Walmart people created a feeding frenzy with their "doorbuster" attitude.

    They probably skimped on security so that they could save a couple of dollars, and looked that at the price that was paid.

  • Whoa whoa WHOA!!!  Let's really hope the Obama camp DOES NOT collect signatures there. Walmart is one of the most Republican companies out there, as evidenced by their pressuring employees to shun Democrats.

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    I've done some work with WakeUpWalMart.com and they're an impressive organization.  They're really holding Walmart's feet to the fire.  We might not be able to eliminate Walmart, but so long as they are the nation's No. 1 employer, they should at least be compelled to reform!

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    Wal-Mart actions are exactly like the Bush administration -- ignore the well-being of the citizens/shoppers, but watch out for your own back through illegal means.  This is what I'd expect from a GOP-like, morally bankrupt corporation like Wal-Mart.

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    There is Wal-Mart hate because they are consistently anti-worker, anti-union, anti-community and anti-environment. Sure, their prices are low, but at what cost to the greater economy?

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    I think John really hit home during his speech when he said that he might be dropping out, but the fight goes on. The next president is gonna have a lot of cleaning up to do. The question is, what first? A friend showed me a great site called On Day One, which is run by the United Nations and is dedicated to what the next prez should do on day one. Evidently, the folks at the UN are counting Bush's 355 remaining days, too. Check out the site and contribute if you get a chance.

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    Obama is the change candidate, not Edwards.  I was just checking out a site called Fit to be Pres and it lets readers rate each attribute of each candidate. Obama is rated #1 in potential and perspectives. I agree with that.

  • Hey, if you can't make the rallies to oppose Bush's veto of SCHIP, there are still ways you can help.  Families USA has a petition circulating and they also have an ad out.  Check out http://www.familiesusa.org to see the ad and sign the petition.

    Let's override this veto!

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    It's frustrating, but genuine change comes slowly.

    No kidding.  However, I truly hope that Sicko will be an impetus for genuine change.  Call me naive or optimistic, but who knows what we can get on the table (single payer???) if their is a sustained dialog about healthcare reform.

    For anyone who hasn't had a chance to see a clip from the movie here's a good one showing a NHS hospital in the UK,

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV4-Wtu-v vI

    I can't wait to see it.    

  • Michigan

    Granholm has a 8 and 9% leads in the latest polls to be released and contrary to what DeVos and the MI Republican chairman claim, Governor Granholm won all three debates soundly.  Granholm presented a poised, confident and reassuring presence while the DeVos couldn't convince anyone to join his pyramid scheme.   DeVos even anered his base in the second debate when he couldn't even clearly articulate his position on abortion.  For those who couldn't guess he's way out to the right on abortion and stem cell issues, giving millions to fund groups that oppose both. It's looking promising to me following from out-of-state.  

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    I have found it to be amazing that DeVos never mentions his party affilaition, REPUBLICAN.  Also, he is doing everything in his power to gain distance from Bush even avoiding him last week while in MI.  I trust that the MDP and Granholm campaign will find a way to make the association stick.  Dick DeVos is an extreme candidate who has strongly supported both Bush campaigns, extreme right to life groups, vouchers, and the Bush economic policies of outsourcing and and unfair trad eagreements that have hurt the MI economy.  

    I hope that between the blogosphere and MDP and Granholm ads, the truth about DeVos will come out.  Dick sending 1,400 MI jobs to China seems to be gaining some traction, as it is the truth.  Even Dick's army of lwayers can't put that back in the bottle.  

    And while the EPIC/MRA polling methods may be imperfect, as are all polling methods, I like the results and look forward to an increasing lead for Governor Granholm.  

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    FYI - for Michiganders or any interested observers like myself, Governor Granholm will be posting a diary and answering questions for an hour on Kos tomorrow from 11:15AM to 12:15PM,

    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/9/12/ 151934/528

    While she has retaken a slight lead Governor Granholm can use everyone's support against the evil forces of Alticor (Amway).  

    Also, take  a look at this new MI Democratic Party ad, it's great,

    http://www.michigandems.com/provincial.h tml

  • I think it's slightly in Granholm's favor and wasn't trying to express complacency in my earlier comment.  However, the signs are looking up.  We need more attention shed on DeVos for his; lack of ideas on how to improve MI and his record/past with Alticor and his other failed ventures.  I think Governor Granholm has done a commendable job under most difficult circumstances, but even if anyone undecided voters disagree with me, once they learn about DeVos they won't vote for him.  

    I enjoyed this Bray column from yesterday's Detroit News suggesting the entire DeVos criticizing Bush episode was staged to make DeVos look more influential to the voters.  

    http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/art icle?AID=/20060830/OPINION03/608300321&a mp;SearchID=73255445301742

    Well after all Dick should get something for the hundreds of thousands of dollars he donated to the Bush campaigns.  Now if we can only get him to say the word Republican.

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    these polls are great news and appear to be the start of a permanent upward trend.  It wasn't a surprise that DeVos had pulled within the margin of error since he had dished out $13 million worth of lies and evasive ads not mentioning the words 'Amway' or 'Republican.'

    I just saw her latest ad about protecting families,

    http://www.granholmforgov.com/site/PageS erver?pagename=protecting_families&J ServSessionIdr006=tz2uuzpbm1.app5b

    With more ads touting Granholm's record and revealing DeVos' past and his family's ties to the Adminstration and Blackwater (thanks for the info) things should be copasetic in MI.  

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    Thanks, that is a great clip.  Clinton truly is a rock star and I am glad to see he was in MI to help Governor Granholm since DeVos is having his buddies Karl Rove, Ken Mehlmen and Mitt Romney to MI this week.  I wonder if the word "republican" will be used at all since DeVos seems to avoid that term like the plague.  

    On another note, here is an interesting article from the Grand Haven Tribune that provides more insight about DeVos.  He showed up at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Parade even after organizers denied him permission to participate in the event. The article notes,

    http://www.grandhaventribune.com/paid/28 6803621524310.bsp


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