Wear Diapers in DC Saturday Demo vs. Vitter Hypocrisy?

Shouldn't progressives have a sidewalk demonstration outside the Hilton Washington, DC hotel, 1919 Connecticut Ave, NW on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 20 - 21, to protest the national gathering of all major religious right leaders' (and all GOP presidential candidates) within walking distance of Dupoont Circle, and the hypocrisy of their SUPPORT of Louisiana Republican U.S. Senator David "Diaper" Vitter (who may be there), notwithstanding his over 3 years of prostitutes in DC and his years more prostitutes in New Orleans vs. their uniform condemnation of Sen. Craig?  Everyone can wear DIAPERS.  Almost all of the far right Christian fundamentalists will be there - Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, Rick Santorum, Phyllis Schafly, Judge Bork, Bill Bennett, Dr. James Dobson. All GOP Pres. candidates are appearing and there will be a straw poll.  "Family Values = Prostitutes Okay", with this group.

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Show Mark Udall Thanks via ActBlue

This former Navy Lieutenant plans to show my appreciation for Colorado Senate candidate Mark Udall's resolution condemning chicken-hawk Rush Limbaugh's insults of veterans and service members who disagree with this Administration's policies by making a contribution to his campaign via ActBlue before the Sunday, Sept. 30 deadline for this quarterly reporting period.  Please join me in helping Mark Udall's election to the Senate.

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VA GOP Rep. Davis - time to hinder him

VA GOP Rep. Tom Davis, husband of VA. state senator Jeannemarie Devolites, has declared war on MoveOn.org, possibly to help his expected campaign for the open Virginia U.S. Senate seat (vacated by Warner-R and hopefully destined for Warner-D).  Davis is weak amongst the GOP wingnuts and needs to shore up support by conservatives in an expected primary or convention.  His wife is up for reelection to her Virginia state senate seat this November 6, 2007, just 6 1/2 weeks from now.  She is facing a strong and qualified challenger, Chap Petersen, in a seat the Dems ought to be able to win, but Davis is helping his wife with her massive fund-raising.  Perhaps we Dems (and sometimes supporters of MoveOn.org) should go to ActBlue.com and donate $10, $25, maybe $100, whatever each of us can afford, to the Chap Petersen for Virginia State Senate campaign (VA-SD-34).  I sent him $150 yesterday.  Please join me.

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GOP Vitter Men's Room

Some have been struck by the contrast between the calls for Craig to resign after one unsuccessful attempt at men's room sex and the welcoming arms by the Senate GOP for Louisiana's Sen. Diaper Dave Vitter after a minimum of three years of recurring prostitutes in DC and his LATER-RETRACTED denial of"all those stories about prostitutes in New Orleans".  Democrats must be fair.  If Dave Vitter had been having sex in men's rooms with his DC and New Orleans prostitutes for most of his marriage, the GOP leadership might have similarly objected.  In fairness to the GOP, maybe they are turned off by the men's room angle and "doing the nasty" with hookers in hotel rooms and a brothel was okay by them.  
   Vitter recruited the recent GOP convert La. Treasurer Kennedy to switch parties so he can run against our endangered Democrat Mary Landrieu.  Vitter is the titular head of the Louisiana GOP as the highest ranking elected Republican (unless & until Jindal wins the Governorship in a few months).
   Craig should hang in there and run as an Independent for reelection.  He might be able to win in a three-person race.

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PA-3 Really Good News for GOP Rep. English

Targeted GOP Rep. English of PA-3 has seen his 2008 reelection prospects soar recently due to the decision by liberal candidate Steve Porter to split the anti-GOP, anti-English vote by launching an Independent campaign.  If he had any thoughts of resigning rather than face a tough race, Porter's actions have changed that calculus in English's favor.  Liberal / Blue/ progressive bloggers are lining up to help Porter with his three-way race.  Porter will be opposed by the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee, Gov. Rendell, and the local and state Democratic Party organizations, who must and will support the official Democratic Party nominee in the 3-way race. The official party nominee will be on the sample ballots and in the Combined Campaign mailings and phone calls.  Porter has as much chance to win in PA-3 as Ralph Nader did to carry Florida in 2000, when Nader split the anti-GOP, anti-Bush vote and got 97,488 votes and Gore "lost" by 537 votes statewide.  

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PA-3 GOP's English gets big break?

Embattled and targeted PA-3 GOP Rep. Phil English appears to have gotten a break (not sure how significant a help at this point) in his tough 2008 reelection.  Candidate Steve Porter resigned from the Democratic Party and will run as an Independent against English, thus splitting the anti-GOP, anti-English vote and thus helping English get reelected.

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Sen. Specter - Ineffectual Blowhard & 2010 Trick

Everyone needs to ignore Arlen Specter's criticism of our likely lying AG Alberto Gonzales. Specters huffs and puffs, but actually "does" nothing. People in PA who have been watching his rope-a-dope act since 1980 are used to it.  Snarlin' Arlen is an "act", because he votes to rubber-stamp Bush and Mitch McConnell, time after time.  He's so widely disliked that if he were to switch parties and jump to the Democrats, there is some likelihood that he would be thrown back.
   I would not be fooled by his fundraising towards his claimed reelection in 2010.  That too is a rope-a-dope.  Many PA. Dems think he is planning to have his son, Shanin Specter, succeed him.  But Shanin could not win a GOP primary.  By raising money now, he plans to scare away a strong GOP primary challenger on the right - but then at the last minute not file for reelection, but instead the election petitions would be for his son Shanin Specter.  It would be too late for any strong GOP challenger to file.  

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Vitter Recants Denial about NOLA Hookers

I understand that Sen. Diaper Dave Vitter has recanted his vague denial regarding the New Orleans prostitutes.  His first denial apperared to be written by his lawyers, but he corrected the record and changed even that vague denial.  But the Vitter scandal is already old news and no one is paying any attention.

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Vitter did NOT totally deny NOLA prostitutes

Vitter "lawyered up".  His extremely careful phrasing of his non-denial denial of his history with New Orleans prostitutes stretching back years had to have been written by someone concerned with his, his wife's and his campaign's potential legal liability.  He kept it vague and general and did not specifically deny the New Orleans madam's claims, the claims about Diaper Dave Vitter's former prostitute lover, Wendy Cortez, or the specific allegations of Wendy Cortez's ex-partner, Tait Cortez.

We now know that while he was in hiding for the last week, he must have spent at least part of the time consulting with an attorney.

Here's Vitter's and his wife's legal problem: the facts relating to his apparent frequent and longstanding procurement of prostitutes in New Orleans date back to the 1990s.  The statutes of limitations that would apply to any of his illegal acts in the 1990s have expired.  However, if he (or his wife, or his campaign spokesperson) were to call the New Orleans madam (or Wendy Cortez or Tait Cortez) a liar, or assert that what they are claiming are lies, then the statutes of limitations start all over again and they could bring civil action against him for slander, libel, damage to reputation, etc.  [One assumes Larry Flynt would have a spare attorney who could assist them to bring such law suits.]

Vitter also has to be careful not to call out as a liar important and powerful Louisiana pols such as Jefferson Parish Sheriff Lee, Dave Treen, Mike Foster and others - though he basically does imply that Lee is one.  They apparently know about Diaper Dave's past history with NOLA prostitutes, and if he angers them enough they may share what they know with the press.

The clueless press doesn't know to ask specific-enough questions - and Vitter and his wife and campaign now have been advised by attorneys (his enabling wife is an attorney) to never assert that someone is "lying" or that someone's specific claim is a "lie".

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tom delay in philadelphia monday july 16

Texas criminal defendant and former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will be in Phila Mon., July 16, hawking his book at the Natl. Constitution Center.  6:30pm Tix are $15.  215-409-6700.  Will anyone be there to welcome him with signs and slogans?

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