PA-3 Really Good News for GOP Rep. English

Targeted GOP Rep. English of PA-3 has seen his 2008 reelection prospects soar recently due to the decision by liberal candidate Steve Porter to split the anti-GOP, anti-English vote by launching an Independent campaign.  If he had any thoughts of resigning rather than face a tough race, Porter's actions have changed that calculus in English's favor.  Liberal / Blue/ progressive bloggers are lining up to help Porter with his three-way race.  Porter will be opposed by the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee, Gov. Rendell, and the local and state Democratic Party organizations, who must and will support the official Democratic Party nominee in the 3-way race. The official party nominee will be on the sample ballots and in the Combined Campaign mailings and phone calls.  Porter has as much chance to win in PA-3 as Ralph Nader did to carry Florida in 2000, when Nader split the anti-GOP, anti-Bush vote and got 97,488 votes and Gore "lost" by 537 votes statewide.  

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This is really sad news!

I was hoping for a pickup in PA3 and now that looks highly unlikely!

by politics64 2007-08-19 03:38PM | 0 recs


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