• to borrow a phrase from the Who.  I can't see a case in which a Democratic candidate will be trotted out as a response to the inevitable Republican oppressive rule and capture once again the hearts and minds of undecided Dems and independents.  Obama has slightly yes than three years to right the foundering ship of state and make us believers once again.  Chances of it happening are slim since in November Democrats are expected to lose everything they gained in the 2008 election.

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    I hope that the surrounding communities, elated over the new reactors being contructed, have agreed to accept the spent radioactive control rods for burial in the area.  One reason for the hiatus on construction of new reactors is that noone wants the responsibility for nuclear waste which will pose a threat for thousands of years. 

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    After a year of breaking promises and running away from the progressives and independents who elected him, Obama would do well to re-establish some credibility by getting rid of the major obstacle to a public option on the White House staff.  From taking the public option off the table to forcing Reid to cave in to Lieberman, Rahm is no friend to progressives.  Unceremoniously dumping Rahm would demonstrate that Obama is serious about changing strategy.

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    I read today's papers looking for reports of which Democratic Senators were still opposed to the legislation.  Burris had been on record as opposing anything without a public option.  Is this still the case or has he caved to pressure?

  • Just to set the record straight Ben Lowe is running in the Illinois 6th CD.  The district is traditionally very red and Ben, a political newcomer, is running his campaign on a shoestring budget.  The last time the Democrats had an opportunity to capture the Congressional seat, Rahm Emanuel diverted an ocean of funding to war hero Tammy Duckworth effectively shoving aside the popular grassroots progressive, Christine Cegelis.  Ben's chances against the incumbent, Republican lapdog Peter Roskam, should be considered slim to nonexistent.

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    If you can't post a transcript, AT LEAST include a few salient points.  Not all of us connect using some whizbang super-fast broadband.  There are still some of us in the cyber dark ages connecting via dial-up.  Give us enough information to render an intelligent decision about whether to download a video.

    I found a transcript for the apology.

  • Perhaps you could defend that statement since Progressive Punch gives Kucinich a 82.61% (156/365) rating on Abortion issues.  That would tend to make Kucinich a centrist on those issues.  Suggesting that Kucinich is 100% pro-life seems disingenuous.

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    I know it sounds like I'm being smug.  Forgive me for that.  Once it became evident that casting a vote for Obama in my state was not going to be the tipping point which kept the state (Illinois) from going Red for McCain, I was free to cast my vote according to my conscience.  This meant writing in a candidate who I knew had virtually no chance of winning.  But Obama's history of flipping on important Progressive issues (FISA) and associating with known thugs (Rahm Emanuel) gave me grave concern.

  • the Al Franken intro for Melanie Sloan, sung to the tune of "Bad to the Bone".

    But, then I also miss the weekly game of "Wait...Wait...Don't Lie to Me".

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    Just as an aside, I hate these You Tube drop-ins.

    I'm on a slow dial-up and would prefer to see a few text excerpts before I make the big commit to load You Tube.

  • and a lot more LBJ arm-twisting !!

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    After listening to the tape, its plainly evident that Roland was eager for the appointment and was dancing around with Blago's brother trying to see if he could supply some kind of financial inducement.  Since he did not pony up, there is sufficient wiggle room for Roland to continue bleating his innocence.

    However, his sworn depositions continue to change and contradict each other.

    The Democrats needs to get rid of this clown and his gimongous ego before he does more serious damage to the party.

  • We know what we did was wrong!  They know it as well.  Perhaps even better, since they were the victims of the torture.

    We don't help anyone, especially our troops, by trying to sweep it under the rug.  It only makes us to be hypocrites in the eyes of the world.

    Acknowledge that we did wrong.  Bring the torturers, bring the abettors, bring the top officials to be prosecuted.  Show the world that we stand behind our word and our laws.  

  • Or like when you leak the identity of one of your own covert intelligence operatives in time of war.


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