Good Day: Kucinich Wins DFA Poll and Takes Action On Impeachment

On the same day that Dennis Kucinich took a stand for the Constitution and pushed for impeachment, the results of the DFA Presidential Pulse Poll confirmed that Progressives are willing to do the same.

With over 130,000 votes cast, the DFA poll is the largest presidential poll of progressive activists this year. Kucinich finished first, by over 10,000 votes! DFA (Democracy For America) was inspired by the presidential campaign of Howard Dean and is:

a political action committee dedicated to supporting fiscally responsible, socially progressive candidates at all levels of government--from school board to the presidency. DFA fights against the influence of the far right-wing and their radical, divisive policies and the selfish special interests that for too long have dominated our politics.

DFA has a long-term goal to rebuild the Democratic Party from the bottom up--it will take time, but we must start building a base now for the future.

This, just a week after a surge in campaign momentum-incuding continued progress in national polls and a huge jump in New Hampshire:

In New Hampshire, site of the nation's first Presidential primary, Kucinich is tied for fourth place with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson with 7%, only seven points behind Edwards, according to last week's Rasmussen Report. Also, the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire just released polling data showing Kucinich and Sen. Hillary Clinton gaining momentum, while support for the other Democratic candidates appears to have peaked and may be in decline in New Hampshire

Last week, in the largest Democratic straw poll in California, Kucinich finished a strong second to Edwards. Official results from the San Mateo County Democratic Party showed that Edwards received 29% of the total votes cast, Kucinich received just under 24%, and Obama and Clinton came in third and fourth, with 22.5% and 16.8% respectively. The other Democratic candidates were all in low single digits.

In a Zogby America poll earlier this month, Kucinich was fourth, six points behind Edwards, and ahead of Richardson and Sen. Joe Biden. The Cook Political Report/RT Strategies poll last month also had Kucinich tied with Richardson, and ahead of Biden and Sen. Chris Dodd.

In the House Kucinich used privileged resolution in an attempt to finally force a dialogue on impeachment of V.P. Dick Cheney; which the Democratic Congressional leadership has continually claimed is "off the table", even though a majority of Americans support it and over 80 cities/towns have passed similar resolutions.

After the Democratic majority attempted to move the resolution to table, effectively killing the bill, interestingly, the Republicans switched their votes to counter and actually force a debate on the issue. The Dems later held a vote to move the bill to the Judiciary Committee, and thus avoiding debate, where John Conyers will now have to decide whether or not to pursue an investigation. You can read a more detailed play by play of the development here.

We will have to wait and see what happens from here. But, Kucinich has once again proved he is the one pushing this party towards the people, as well as towards progressive reform. Congratulations to Dennis Kucinich, as well as all those who have supported him. We still have work to do, but we are moving ahead. And we are doing so with Kucinich. If you haven't supported yet, please do:

Dennis 4 President! Let's reclaim our country!

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Kucinich Wins DFA Election

Dennis Kucinich got more votes than Al Gore (something even Bush never accomplished),
Shillary Clinton, Edwards, and Obama and won the DFA Democratic Eection outright. This is good news.

I get very tired of seeing Democrats in Congress do absolutely nothing and refuse to even use the power that they have, to cut the funding off for this illegal Invasion, and to prosecute Dick Cheney for his many War crimes and constitutional crimes. Nancy Pelosi is not a leader. John Conyers is not a leader. Steny Hoyer is not a leader. These people will never lead. They're just are sitting on the ball and letting Bush & Cheney get away with murder (literally) and bankrupt the Country, as each and every day passes. They are complicit.

Dennis Kucinich is a the one guy here who is really taking action, both on opposing the War (cutoff funding),
and also on trying to bring Bush & Cheney to justice that is so long overdue.

Imagine if Dennis Kucinich were the U.S. House Speaker, instead of (that waste of a human being) Nancy "see no evil", "hear no evil", "do nothing" Pelosi.  Then we would have a Congress that actually would act in the public interest, instead of a bunch of losers who just arrogantly thumb their noses at the idea of protecting Constitutional government (their sworn duty), while they corruptly rush to instead  protect War Criminals!

If you want the Democrats to have a spine and show leadership, it is time then to put few people who actually will lead in charge (instead of these corrupted flacks and losers, like Pelosi, who  never, ever will ).

Dennis Kucinich for President!
Nothing is ever going to really change people, unless you put the guys who want to change the system in power.

by DerekLarsson 2007-11-07 05:10AM | 0 recs


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