This is why Hilliary should not be elected!

The entire fucking world realizes that Blair has fucked up... EVEN HIS OWN PARTY... but what do the Delusionals Loving Clintons write:

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | May 9, 2005
Blair's Accomplishment

To fully appreciate Tony Blair's accomplishment in winning a third consecutive general election victory last week, you have to understand what the pre-Blair Labour Party was like. Well into the 1990s, Labour remained stubbornly committed to an Industrial Era politics of class resentment and public-sector expansion. (Remember these are fucking Democrats not REpublicans writting this shit) Its party platform embraced the hoary socialist goal of nationalizing most key industries. Its foreign policy views were quasi-pacifist and quasi-isolationist, hostile to both the United States and the European Community. Old Labour was broadly perceived, even by its supporters, as completely dominated by interest groups, and its activist base was so left-bent that a noisy Trotskyist faction was taken seriously. Electorally, the party was completely feckless, losing four straight general elections despite growing public unhappiness with Margaret Thatcher's radicalized Tory Party.

The modernization of the Labour Party, first tentatively undertaken by Neil Kinnock, became the central focus of Blair's New Labour project, which was explicitly modeled on our own New Democrat movement. Like Bill Clinton, Blair understood that the revival of progressive politics depended on a willingness to take seriously and address fundamental voter concerns about the values and goals of the historic center-left parties. And like the New Democrats, the New Labourites concentrated on exhibiting the toughness to govern. That's why Blair insisted on establishing Labour as a party that would be "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime," that could be trusted to wisely manage public finances while encouraging private enterprise, and that had a positive vision of Britain's role in the world as a bridge between the United States and Europe. And while the Tories and many Labour traditionalists misunderstood New Labour as a "shift to the right," Blair, like Clinton, consistently argued that this comprehensive message and agenda represented a basic commitment to speak and act as a serious governing party rather than a coalition of interest groups clinging to the progressive accomplishments of the past (ie Social Security, Overtime pay, Medicaide, Public Education, Right to Unionize, the Constitution... yunno those progressive accomplishments of the past).

Thanks to Britain's parliamentary system, Blair and his New Labour colleagues were able to briskly reform the Labour Party and government itself in a way that was simply impossible for their American counterparts. And this third straight electoral victory (the first ever for a Labour prime minister), despite its modest outlines, showed the fruits of their efforts. Many commentators in Britain and elsewhere have focused on Labour's reduced majority in the House of Commons, or have attributed Labour's success to the haplessness of the Tories. But our (DELUDED) take is that the results show Labour is now the natural governing party of the United Kingdom, leaving the Tories to wander in a political wilderness of ideological division and demagogic opportunism.

The May 5 election could hardly have come at a worse time for Labour, given broad public unhappiness with Blair's decision to participate in the invasion of Iraq (which unfairly but naturally identified him with the Bush administration's incoherent and unilateralist rationale for that invasion), and the natural "incumbency fatigue" that affects any party that has been in power for a while. That Labour still managed to comfortably win is a testament to the underlying strength Blair has bestowed to his party.

We're proud that Tony Blair went to school on the New Democrat movement before initiating New Labour. Now is a good time for Democrats to go to school on how he has managed to maintain a modernized progressive party in government in the toughest possible circumstances.

More of the same shit if we get Hilliary!!!


Draft Bill Bradley?

What about Bill Bradley?

Frankly, it is depressing as hell to think that Hilliary will be the Dem nominee... and even more revolting to see Kerry in that position again.

What we really need is a:

DRAFT A REAL DEM ... campaign

Did Mary Maitlin get a Nose Job?

She has got to be the ugliest woman in politics... from the inside out.

I gagged my way through their Mutt and Jeff show on Meet the Corporate Press I noticed that she has lost some of her Witchy Poo-ness. I think it is the nose.

Anyways, it was interesting to see Carville drool all over Hilliary even Witchy-Poo creamed over Hilliary a bit... that can only mean that Hilliary is the GOP wet dream.

Why any Democrat would listen to James Carville is beyond logical reasoning.

Let the GOP confirm Bolton

I think it is time that the Dems let the GOP confirm Bolton. We have already won in showing the entire world what wingnuts this administration has put in place.

Dems should vote against him but let the Rethugs confirm him.

Afterwhich, every time Bolton makes an ass out of himself and the country we can point to the fact that the Dems tried to warn the country but the Rethugs insisted on having this jackass represent the US to the world.

Also, with Dem assholes like Kerry on the commission it has the effect of letting them think that they have carte blanche just because they decided once in a blue moon to show some testicular fortitude. Kerry is a complete asshole thinking that his little show on this commission will some how make up for his asshole-ishness in regards to the wingnut pharmacist and now stabbing in the back the Mass civil unions bill.

If this is the trade off then give up Bolton. He will make an ass out of himself and the nation but the Democrats can not be blamed

Herein lies the rub

But I do think that someone like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Evan Bayh fit the bill

The people against Lakoff (cough DLC cough) he  shines a light on their Republican-lite ways. Lakoff's message CLEARLY demonstrates that the DLCers who mimic the GOP frames are a detriment to the Democratic party and in no way shape or form can the Democratic basewin with these idiots at the helms.

They will most likely lose the election because faced with a GOP and a GOP-lite the voter will pick the real thing every time best example Corburn vs Carson in OK. The Democratic base also loses because even if the "Dem" does win s/he will not reprensent the ideals of the Democratic base example Salazar, Herseth, Bean etc...

GOP-lite is a lose-lose prosition and we can not afford to let go any more turf on these jokers.

Framing reveals that the DLC prefered strategy of being just like them is a lose-lose proposition to the ideals of the Democratic party.

Isn't it funny how the DLC attacks Democrats and liberals who have shown a significant aptitude to strengthen the party

Attacked by the DLC:

  • Howard Dean
  • Micheal Moore
  • Move On
  • George Lakoff

What do they have in common... the ability to raise awareness of the destruction of Democracy in the US by the GOP and aided and abetted by the DLCers.

The Army and Marines have missed their recruitment targets by  42% this month... THAT IS DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTED BY MOORE'S F-911. He showed how the poor and minorities are preyed upon by the military. For the first time in recent history the recruitment of African Americans has dropped by almost 50%.

Move On is right to target faux Democrats who legislated in the worst interest of their constituencies.

Howard and George are and have been proven 100% correct in the stances they take. So the only thing that the DLC can do is demonize them by saying that they have a cult of personality

The DLC of course they are happy with the millions of dollars these groups and people have brought to the Democratic party but now they want everyone to just shut up and be USEFUL IDIOTS and stick to their script.

Why DLC is raising it's ugly head again is ....

HELLO!!! The UK just broke the story that Bush had planned on going to war with Iraq before back to your regular programming of Micheal Jackson and the Runaway bride.

Once again like the Tories every single 2008 Democratic candidate for presidency strongly supported this stupid war. Once again it shows that the Dems in DC either /went along to get along with the war or that they are blind as bats... either way it clearly demonstrates that they lack true leadership skills and follow the same drum beat as the GOP. The only potential candidate that voted against the war has dropped out because he is getting a divorce.

Here we go again, 2008 will be a redux of voting between Evil vs Slightly less Evil. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Evan Bayh fit the bill

I guess this is why we are seeing a plethoria of "establishment lefties" Tom Hayden and Kucinich preform their duties and attack Dean for being to "etablishment-like" in regards to keeping the soldiers in Iraq. Looks like some one is scared that the "people" might actually wake up and demand a real leader to take control of this runaway train.

How much you wanna bet Hilliary is sweating bullets regarding the outcome of the UK elections. She and Bill lied just like Tony.

My... ain't just trade that is effected by GLOBALIZATION.

Gannon/Guckert on West Wing

I admit I am behind the times. It was only after the election I discovered how great is the West Wing television show. Thanks to a friend who let me borrow his DVD's. I spent many a night plowing thru episode after episode. So you can imagine my frustration when I ran out of DVD's.

Grace be to God releases the series DVD's before the US. So I preorder Season Five and couldn't wait to get it into my hot little hands.

Having the opportunity to watch this for the first time with the aid of 20/20 hindsight has been thoroughly enlightening. It is obvious the West Wing was "gotten" to.

  • Charlie is agreeing with school vouchers,

  • Barlet puts a certifiable theo-wingnut on the bench that is somehow suppose to counteract a female judge who has had an the two are equaled...they even have Charlie agreeing with his racist defense of dismantling Affirmative Action. To really rub the salt in ...they Jeb have agreeing to make recess appointments of Federal judges.

  • Tax cuts to stay at home Moms is not such a bad thing and again is put on the same par as child care allowances for those Jezebelle's who dare to leave the home and work.

  • Continuing this debauchery the Barlett Administration openly and purposely screws the Unions.

  • Oh yeah... Personal accounts (not private) are on the table to save Social Security.

These are just a few examples... this is so sad I don't even think I can bring my self to see the rest of the series.

I know to most this is old...but to watch this with "new" eyes it is really an eye-opener.

Knowing now... what no one knew then... it is interesting to see the characterizations of some of the "players". There is a whiny light skinned African American man working in the realm of defense who is constantly hand wringing and afraid of taking bold steps and aggressive actions against our enemies.

Then there is this new bald headed "reporter" who suddenly is in the in and asks questions at every press briefing and even is considered by CJ a go to guy when she wants a tête-à-tête with powerful reporters.

What I wanna know is who the hell is Guckert sleeping with... because who ever it is they are in love with this man... idolizing him in front of the whole nation is really a creepy turn-on.

And ... I hope people are not misunderestimating his pull with who ever he is having sex with in the WH ... the fact that he has not been found in a ditch somewhere with a suicide note is very telling indeed.

Snitch Programs

 Students Rewarded for Tattling at School
ATLANTA - For a growing number of students, the easiest way to make a couple of hundred dollars has nothing to do with chores or after-school jobs, and everything to do with informing on classmates.

Tragedies like last month's deadly shooting at a Red Lake, Minn., school have prompted more schools to offer cash and other prizes -- including pizza and premium parking spots -- to students who report classmates who carry guns, drugs or alcohol, commit vandalism or otherwise break school rules.

"For kids of that age, it's hard for them to tell on their peers. This gives them an opportunity to step up if they know something that will help us make an arrest," said James Kinchen, an assistant school superintendent in Houston County, Ga., which earlier this month started offering rewards of up to $100 for reporting relatively minor crimes like vandalism or theft and $500 for information about a crime, or plans for a crime, involving a gun.

Critics call them "snitch" programs, saying they are a knee-jerk reaction to student violence. Some education professionals fear such policies could create a climate of distrust in schools and turn students against each other.

"There are very few things that I can think of that would be more effective at destroying that sense of community," said Bruce Marlowe, an education psychology professor at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I.

About 2,000 schools and colleges, from Honolulu to Palm Beach County, Fla., have adopted Student Crime Stoppers programs like Houston County, according to the nonprofit [Crime Stoppers U.S.A., ] which began helping schools set up such programs in 1983.

My first question is who is this organization? Why am I not surprised that they come from Texas?

Crime Stoppers International, Inc.
Corporate Office
P.O. Box 614
Arlington, TX 76004-0614
(U.S. and Canada)
(Outside U.S. and Canada)
(Corporate Telecopier)

Is this another post box?

At Model High, some of the 650 students complain that the program wrongly implies their school is dangerous. In a Rome News-Tribune cartoon, the school's official mascot was mockingly changed from the Blue Devils to the "Tattlers."

No one has received a reward yet at Model High.

"Everyone just thinks it's a joke. No one is going to tell on their friends for cash," said senior Katie Burnes, president of the school's National Honor Society chapter. "If someone brings a gun to school or is doing drugs in the bathroom, no one has to pay me to let the teachers know."

Frank Farley, an educational psychology professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, said students should be taught to speak up without being offered a reward.

"This idea of surveillance -- there's something unsavory there," Farley said. "We're familiar with the history of that in the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany." He added: "I think it's bad civics."

There's more...

Sanctioned Child Abuse


There's more...

Bush - Ratzinger Connection

So it looks like it was not a coincidence of Ratzinger's fatwa against Kerry to have him ex-communicated while letting alone a man who had hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis slaughter for no reason than to control their oil wells.

I noticed St. Jeb kneeling at the throne of the Pope on Sunday... what a farce!!!!

There's more...

Where did everybody go?

Pilgrims watch new pope with mix of joy and wariness

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pilgrims gathered at St. Peter's Square this morning to watch Pope Benedict the 16th say his first mass.

Many are expressing joy that the former German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been chosen to lead the church. One man from Cologne (koh-LOHN'), who wrapped himself in a German flag, says "after the big surprise yesterday," he wanted to return "to see that it's really true."

But some people say they worry about the new pope's policies. They say the church needs to change. A flight attendant from Mauritius says she thinks the church "needs some new ideas and blood." She mentioned policies on contraception, homosexuality and abortion as due for change.

Today's crowd at the Vatican was much smaller than yesterday's. More than 100-thousand people gathered yesterday to see the new pope. Today's crowd started off with several dozen and grew to several hundred.

Hmmm... doesn't look like Ratzinger is going over too well amongst the faithful. Quite telling that only "several hundred" people showed up for his first mass... US Cardinals are in overdrive spin control... well that is what you get when a nazi is elected pope(he has not an once of compassion, if he did his past could be over looked...but he still acts like a nazi) ... what the hell did they expect. The world needs love and compassion now, not more hatred and oppression.


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