Why NARAL is RIGHT to support Chaffee


Because, the Democrats lost the presidency in a barroom brawl and promptly went home and beat up their women and kicked their gay kids out of the house and stuck a for sale sign on their house in the blue states and are setting up home in red States.

With this type of leadership in the Democratic party it is no wonder that the traditional groups are abandoning the party because the party is abandoning them.

NARAL is right because so far the DSCC has refused to back any new pro-choice candidates. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that if the Democrats do not back pro-choice certainly the GOP will not either.

This is a very shrewed move of NARAL and KOS is just an idiot as usual when is comes to womens issues and pray to god he never has a daughter.

If this was a white male politcal manuever KOS and his males buddies would be high fiving each other in regards to a perfectly executed "Sistah Soulja" moment.

The DLC has just issued a fatwa that Dems should kiss conservative and GOP butt... so why is what the NARAL doing anything different than the DLC?

The DLC constantly bashing Democrats in favor of it's GOP soul mates. Look at Salazar which Kos ademently supported...he is a prick and is doing far greater harm to the Democratic party than NARAL's bitch slap. I noticed that Kos has not said a peep about Salazar obvious betrayal of the Democratic party.

Am I happy that NARAL felt the need to support Chaffee: No

Do I understand why NARAL is supporting Chaffee: ABSOFUCKINGLUTLY

This last battering of womens issues by this abusive Democratic establishment was enough to "Burn the Bed". We question women why they say in abusive relationships...this is no different. The support of Langevin was uncalled for and gratutitous violence against the trust of womens groups.

And as Kos further displayed he nor the DSCC have no intentions of supporting the pro-choice candidates running against Chaffee. Therefore, in the likelihood that Chaffee will win because the Democratic establishement will not support a Democratic pro-choice candidate...NARAL is right to support Chaffee.

This send a signal that if the DLC can cross the aisle than so can NARAL with is millions of dollars.

NARAL is about protecting womens rights not Democratic males egos.

NARAL is smart in protecting the last vestiges of pro-choice candidates in the GOP, because if they go Dems have shown that they will not support pro-choice Democrats.

Hopefully, this will wake the idiotic Dem leadership... but I am not holding my breath.

My prediction is that NARAL is the tip of the iceberg other groups will follow. The DLC will finally get its wish and the "single issue groups" will no longer have power in the Democratic party.

What Kos so blindly refuses to see when they go ie The Women, Black, Labour, Gays, etc....

DUH!!!!.... that will be the end of the Democratic party because it will in essence be a second Republican party concerned only with the issues of WHITE MALES....and Kos has the nerve to call others ideologically pure.

Your assignment: Questions for Dean on MTP

It is so obvious that all this sudden flurry of articles that have come out in the past two days are going to mysteriously appear on Russerts overheads.

Can you guess the questions Dean will be asked on Sunday?

I found some:

Russert: Governor Dean it seems that a WHOLE LOTTA Democrats are none to pleased with your performance in the first 100 days as Chairman of the DNC. ...And I quote:


Some Democrats are frustrated by the contrast between the two approaches, even as they praise Dean's efforts to revitalize flagging state parties. "Democrats should be stirring things up, roiling the waters on (the GOP) side the way Mehlman is on ours. He's playing in our sandbox," says Steve Rosenthal, CEO of America Coming Together, a group formed to energize and turn out Democratic voters.

Will Marshall, president of the centrist Progressive Policy Institute, agrees that Democrats need to "go raiding behind Republican lines." He says his group and the affiliated Democratic Leadership Council will be doing "some missionary work of our own" in Republican states this year.

(to undo Dean's work)
Rosenthal, Marshall and others say Democrats -- led by Dean -- should be reaching out to groups and areas where Republicans have done well: military families, Catholics, evangelical Christians, business leaders, people who live in the "exurbs" beyond even outer suburbs, and people who live in small, "micropolitan" cities. They also say Democrats should focus on black and Latino voters, even though majorities of both voted for Democrat John Kerry for president last year.

As Dems shore up base, GOP goes 'raiding'Jill Lawrence, USA TODAY 5.19.2005


Me answering as Dean: Well Pumpkinhead you never end to amaze me what a spectacular hacktacular you are. The DLC wignuts are shitting in their pants because I have taught the Democratic party that you do not have to suck up to the GOP and go-GOP lite in order to win.

So now they are starting their own campaign to undercut me... not surprising for the DLC

As for Latinos and Blacks voting for Kerry this is true. But what is also true is that Kerry's stunning display of lack of conviction in his concession and his further abondonment of African Americans in the senate hearing will make it difficult to keep in them fold. After Kerry, they will be looking for alternates and if the right wing of the Democratic party has the same stances as the GOP then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the indeed we will lose some of our most loyal constituents. I want to STRESS that it will take the conviction of the ENTIRE Democratic party INCLUDING THE DLC to keep African Americans in the fold. I can not promise Afriacn Americans one thing while the DLC are out there promising GOP "converts" something else.


There's more...

Who wouda thunk it: DLC attacks Dean before he even speaks

Friday, May 20, 2005
Note to Chairman

The Moose offers some advise to the Chairman.

Chairman Dean, on Sunday, the political cognoscenti will be tuned in to your smackdown with Tim Russert. Expect the usual attempt by Russert to get you to address some of your more controversial statements (which have been in abundance). However, this is also an opportunity for you to surprise us with a message that defies the conventional wisdom about the party and yourself.

In addition to the expected attacks on the GOP, you should also acknowledge the Democratic deficiencies in addressing the cultural concerns of Red America. You should also make a clear statement that Democrats believe that we must win in Iraq. It is fine to criticize the Administration's policies there, but you must send the signal that there is no substitute for victory.

Make the conservative case against the Republicans. In the past, you have effectively argued for fiscal responsibility. Make that case again and also argue against activist judges whether they are on the left or the right. Speak to those conservatives who were repulsed by the Republican Congressional intervention in the Schiavo case.

It would also be useful if you would clearly articulate a reform, outsider message. Get some advise from Congressman Emanuel who is the best Democratic messenger for reform. The Democratic line should not be one of merely criticizing Republican corruption, but also one of positive change. You should talk about uniting America once again and reaching out to moderate Republicans and independents. Be optimistic about America's future with Democratic leadership.

Mr. Chairman, we know that you can be a heated partisan, but can you also articulate an affirmative vision that will attract swing voters to the party? Recent polls suggest that the American people are becoming increasingly fed up with the behavior of both parties in Washington. Can you make an appeal to these voters with a message that defies the conventional partisan sniping? In your Sunday appearance, you should demonstrate that you are able to appeal to non-traditional Democratic constituencies as well as to the base of the party.

These jokers are a bunch of vile pissants.

I actually think I hate the DLC more than I do the GOP...at least the GOP are true to themselves and their party...the DLC are just rodents spreading pox and disease in the Democratic Party.

Notice how many times to say Dean should kiss GOP butt... I really think it is time for the DLC to start their own third party and leave us the hell alone.

Can you imagine Newt at the lowest point suggesting to the GOP to bend over and kiss Democratic hiney... NO.. and gues what they are now the majority while we are listening to whiney Bushiters in the DLC.

Pregant girl banned from graduation services

Of course this has do with the wingnuts ...

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A pregnant student who was banned from graduation at her Roman Catholic high school announced her own name and walked across the stage anyway at the close of the program.

Alysha Cosby's decision prompted cheers and applause Tuesday from many of her fellow seniors at St. Jude Educational Institute.

But her mother and aunt were escorted out of the church by police after Cosby headed back to her seat.

"I can't believe something like this is happening in 2005," said her mother, Sheila Cosby. "My daughter has been through a lot and I am proud of her. She deserved to walk, and she did."


The father of Cosby's child, also a senior at the school, was allowed to participate in graduation.

So this has nothing to do with religion otherwise the father should have been banned tooo..

Scott McClellan's OJ Defense

If it is not GOP "facts"... Newsweek must retract...

Here is the frame people.

OJ got off on exploiting the techical mishaps of a badly run investigation.

McClellan is now using the "OJ Defense" where technicalities matters more than the truth.

This is how we have to frame it otherwise, this administration will continue to mowed down any unfavorable press by using the  Devil in the details.

In the frame are those nasty Evil Trial Lawyers who twist the rule of law so much that the innocent are imprisoned and the real "Evil Doers" like OJ walk free.

(PS I really don't have an opinion about OJ...but his case was the quintessential Trail Lawyer Boogieman ... Black man killing white woman get off scott-free, whereas just a few decades ago a Black man looking at a white woman the wrong way was justification for lynchings)

GOP.com: Headline News


Friday, May 13, 2005
Dems Vs Dems: Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) Vs. Congressional Democrats


Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) Is Coming Out With Plan For Social Security, "Urges Democrats" To Quit "Attacking":

On Monday Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) Will Have "Press Conference To Announce Plan To Save Social Security ..." (Rep. Robert Wexler, "Wexler To Announce Plan To Save Social Security," Press Release, 5/13/05)

    * Wexler Press Release: "Urges Democrats To Go Beyond Attacking Bush And Offer A Plan That Guarantees Full Benefits And Ensures Social Security Solvency." (Rep. Robert Wexler, "Wexler To Announce Plan To Save Social Security," Press Release, 5/13/05)

Democrats "Upset" With Wexler For Coming Out With Plan:

CNN's Ed Henry: "Bob Wexler's Fellow Democrats On Capitol Hill Are Very Upset About This. They're Privately Giving Him Grief, Because They Feel He Is Playing Into The Republicans' Hands By Calling For A Tax Increase." (CNN's "Inside Politics," 5/13/05)

Tell me again how we are suppose to throw money behind anyone with a "d" behind their name...even if they happen to be Republican.

Democracy just died in Massachusetts

this is disgusting...borrowed in whole from dKos

Karl Rove Tactics Used by Mass Dems
by The Cunctator
Sun May 15th, 2005 at 23:06:04 PDT

Secret meetings. Parliamentary maneuvering for power grabs. Removing accountability. Nope, I'm not talking about Cheney's energy task force, Frist's nuclear option, or Bush's handling of Abu Ghraib. I'm talking about the party of which I am a member, the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party just held its 2005 convention and jammed through a series of egregious charter amendments to fundamentally change the governance of the party, consolidating power within the Democratic State Committee and stripping out accountability and transparency, even changing the open meetings rule to a secret meetings rule. To do so the chair of the convention had to engage in bald parliamentary maneuvering.

The details of the changes to the party charter are below the break.

The changes (which are not available online, because the MDP only distributed them to delegates in hard copy) include:

  • The party, at all levels, can now make any meeting (and its minutes) secret (old rule: all party meetings were open to the public).

  • The party establishment must grant permission in advance for any amendments introduced at convention (old rule: anyone getting 500 signatures was entitled to a floor vote).

  • The party incumbents get longer terms: 80 two-year seats are converted to four-year seats, making challenges more difficult (old rule: there were 80 two-year seats up for challenge in early 2006. The new charter is ambiguous on when those seats elected in 2004 expire).

  • Independent voters who support a Democratic candidate discouraged from joining the Democratic Party. Independent voters must decide by Xmas this year whether they want to attend the gubernatorial nominating convention in June 2006. In 2002, potential Reich delegates could switch from independent status to Democrat until the day before the caucuses -- which brought in many hundreds of newly registered Democrats in a few weeks prior to the 2000 caucuses. One might naively think that the party establishment would LIKE something that brought in many hundreds of new party registrants. No, they see that as a threat to be stopped, and have now stopped it.

  • The signature requirement for platform amendments will become a much higher bar. It stayed at 500 signatures. But the number of delegates is going to drop, from about 3,000 to about 2,000 (that number is not in the charter, but is determined later this year). This year we needed to get signatures from about 1/6 of the delegates -- in the future, that rises to 1/4. And it's worse than it sounds, because MOST of the delegate cuts come from regular elected delegates, while the party establishment seats do not get cut.

  • The party can endorse a candidate who lost the Democratic primary. The old rule was that Democrats were barred from endorsing anyone running against the duly-nominated Democratic primary winner. But that was before a progressive became a duly-nominated Democratic primary winner, in a race against a member of the party establishment. In 2004, a strong progressive beat an establishment candidate in the state rep primary in Somerville/Medford, and the establishment candidate ran in the general election as an independent. Party members could not endorse him. Now they can.

  • The worst rule change of all is very subtle. It says that the state committee can override the convention. The old rules were that the convention was the highest authority in the party -- we cited that often when the state committee tried to overturn the convention's decision in support of the Mass Scorecard. Now they can overturn anything the convention decides. It makes future conventions pretty much meaningless, which is another step in the establishment's long-time goal of abolishing conventions altogether.

Note: most of the text of the charter changes from Jesse Gordon at DemocraticStateCommittee.com

There's more...

DEANSCREAM is trolling the boards


He does not comment only downrates libruls and uprates his wingnut buddies

My apologies... Winguts really ARE being persecuted

Update [2005-5-14 5:24:11 by Parker]:

I wrote this diary on May 10th because I had been noticing increasing wingnut drivel about persecution... which frankly doesn't exist...

Wingnuts 'Persecution Complex'

Have you noticed how wingnuts thrive on their perceived notions of persecution?

Check out Redstate... poor me... woes me... I am being persecuted by dem evildoer libruls.

It is really fascinating...Kremplasky was on C-Span and the only thing he could comment on afterwards was those nasty emails he received...

These jokers really have a persecution complex.

I was thinking that what they really need in love and attention...

Let's change tactics... a revised version of the recipe tactic on dKos. Whenever a wingnut troll appear (cough jcassity cough) let's shower them with LOVE AND ATTENTION... I swear they are just a bunch of lonely homeschooled morans

Now I find out WINGNUTS ARE BEING PERSECUTED... by themselves

There's more...

The DLC on 'Base Closings' / 'Refinery Openings'

Okay, I thought I was being a bit too tin foil here but...

The DLC home of LIEberman coming out and telling the Dems not to fight base closings has now sealed my doubts... yeah right...it's for the soldiers.

  1. Pentagon announced plan to close bases

  2. Bush annouces a plan to turn "abandoned" bases into oil refineries and nuclear power plants but there is a problem because No new U.S. oil refineries have been built since the 1970s, mostly because of the lengthy process to obtain environmental permits from state regulators and opposition from local communities.

  3. So the only obstacle to turn the military complexes into oil refineries and nuclear power plants is the environmental problems... This week: the Pentagon is asking Congress again this year to loosen major environmental laws to allow military training exercises around the country to proceed unimpeded. Military officials say the requested changes, which could be approved this week as part of the defense authorization bill for 2006

  4. Now the DLC weighs in...

There's no question that communities with bases taking big "hits" in these recommendations will mobilize congressional allies to oppose them. And the BRAC process will give them every opportunity to make their case: in the four previous rounds, the BRAC made significant changes in the Pentagon recommendations based on extensive and intensive public hearings. There's no reason to think the current BRAC will do otherwise.

But we strongly urge critics of the Bush administration's overall national security strategy -- among whom we count ourselves -- to avoid the temptation to turn the BRAC into a symbolic fight over unrelated issues. We share the concerns of most Democrats about the administration's deplorable failure to deploy enough troops to perform the missions we have given them without a "back-door draft" involving extended tours of duty and excessive reliance on Guard and Reserve units, and about its parallel failure to support military personnel and their families. But more and better-supported troops do not require more redundant bases, and indeed, the savings that BRAC could produce will help make it possible to meet the armed forces' actual needs.

My Prediction:

The vote Frist is waiting for is not who is pro and con the Filibuster... Frist is waiting for this vote: Military officials say the requested changes, which could be approved this week as part of the defense authorization bill for 2006, are essential to preserve the quality of training and to avoid lawsuits over possible violations of statutes that govern air, water and waste.

If this has been approved then Frist has all the ammunition he needs to Nuke the Filibuster because he will have an unlimited resource to bribe the Senate. And since the DLC are already eager for the base closings I am assuming this vote has passed already under our noses.

and... LIEberman the slime bucket is going to get paid.


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