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'They just have to look around'....

I wanted to attach this to a comment I replied to THEMODERATEEXTREMIST yesterday on this diary but some jackass decided to censor my comments and deleted some of my post.

Any way THEMODERATEEXTREMIST non chalantly advised those poor whorish mothers who were too stupid to use condomns that there was plenty of help for them "if they just looked around"

I guess like this mother:

Lawyer says boy could leave trunk
He defends 'poor, single mom' as having few choices when working weekends


A boy who died from heat exposure in his mother's car was able to leave the trunk in which he was found dead, the mother's lawyer said Wednesday.

Michelle Joyce Gibson, 36, of Asheville, left her 8-year-old son in the car Saturday and Sunday while she worked 16-hour shifts as a nursing assistant at a nursing home near Sylva in Jackson County. Partway through her Sunday shift, she found him dead. A co-worker called 911 and reported seeing the boy in the trunk.

Gibson is in jail, charged with second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and child abuse.

On Wednesday, Gibson's lawyer, Randy Seago of Sylva, said the boy did spend time in the trunk of the Ford Escort, but was always able to get out because the back seats folded down. Seago said Gibson checked on her son several times during the day, and often found him out of the trunk. He said she had no indication that he was in danger.

When Gibson discovered Devin's body, Seago said, the upper part of the boy's body was in the trunk but his legs and feet were in the passenger compartment. He said it was not clear why the boy didn't get out of the car if he was overheated.

"She was a poor, single mom with no good weekend childcare arrangements," Seago said. "She thought, choosing between all these bad options, 'He can just go with me and play around in the car.' "

He said she didn't feel comfortable leaving the child home because she was staying with friends in a public housing complex. Until recently, she had been homeless.

Gibson was a certified nursing assistant who worked for a staffing agency in Asheville. This past weekend, she was assigned to work at Mountain Trace Nursing Center near Sylva.

Gibson commuted about an hour from her home in Asheville to the nursing home. She carpooled and didn't want the other woman to know she was bringing her child to work, so Devin rode in the trunk, Seago said.

Seago said Devin enjoyed napping and playing in the trunk, and went in voluntarily. Before going inside to work, Gibson folded down the seats so he could move around in the car, Seago said. Devin had toys, snacks, drinks and a pillow and blanket.

Seago said Gibson was a doting mother who was very involved in her son's schooling. He said she never intended to harm him.

He has visited her twice in the Jackson County Jail.

"She is so distraught and just so heartbroken," Seago said.

This is how the Democrats f*ck up pro-life candidates...

Jerome just wrote a great frontpager discussing the reform rhetoric that needs to take place in regards "Pro-choice" and the Democratic party.

I agree 100% there needs to be a change and so far no pro-choice people on this board have disagreed. The argument is well thought out, intelligent and  not condescending.

Now here is where the Democrats fuck up and here with pro-life candidates.

Women are willing to come to the table... so why the hell do these posters think that "if we don't mentioned if this candidate is pro-choice or not... women will be too stupid to notice"

yeah right...

...yunno sooner or later these stupid chicks will figure something is wrong when they no longer have access to abortion.

Is it really too much to ask the Democratic party to sit down and come up with a reasonable position that accomodates the majority of the party... since the majority of the party is pro-choice and which includes a proactive measures to address the concerns of pro-lifers.

The problem is not electing anti-choice Democrats... the problem is not trusting anti-choice Democrats to stand up for womens rights. Stupid tactics like these only breeds more distrust and makes women dig in their heels.

Ignoring the issue will not make it go away it will only infuriate women more...and as you know hell hath no fury like a women scorned

So, cut out the frat boy antics and lets sit down and come up with a plan.


Only a fools votes for a candidate not knowing their issues? To say that "even though so and so is pro-life Demcrat that doesn't mean he is going to vote against Roe"... oh yeah?.. where is the proof?

I wanna know who these people are!!!!

A Democratic Reid pro-lifer is vastly different than a Democratic Langevin Pro-lifer who is staunchly against even contraceptives. This makes a hell of a difference when now all of a sudden we have activist pharamacist.

Update [2005-5-25 12:58:31 by Parker]: There is a game of chicken being played on ... this board I wonder who is going blink first and dare ask if Tester is pro-choice ... watch how they will be torn apart for even asking. Kos has succeeded and making his blog pro-choice unfriendly... I guess that will make those pesky women disappear...

Why I am rooting for Frist...

They say politics makes strange bedfellows... well now I believe it.

Frist is the only one who can undo this crappy sell out job that LIEberman concocted.

This was not a win just cuz Dobson got his knickers in a twist... Dobson is angry because he wanted total power and control and he only got nine-tenths total power and control thanks to LIEberman.

Like I said yesterday... anything LIEberman takes a lead on concerning the Democratic party... is 100% sure to be bad for Democrats... that is his job... to dismantle the Democratic party and he has been doing a damn good job at it.

Within 24 hours I am already proven right. Frankly, any blindman could see this coming... just hearing the name LIEberman connected to this scam.

Now it seems the Dem Malevolent 7 have trained their sights on helping Bush to dismantle Social Security...

Calling Dr. Frist... stat

Pull the damn trigger already... anything is better than this slow tortuous death LIEberman has planned for the Democratic Party.

Developing... the 14 thugs to decide on Social Security...

See this passage from the Matthews show last night ...

MATTHEWS: Social Security, do you think the president`s plans for some kind of personal accounts has a better shot now?

GRAHAM:It has a shot versus no shot. And watch this group of 14 to come out with some deal for Social Security.


GRAHAM: Just keep watching.

Why is it ok for Salazar to vote with the GOP and not NARAL

I am still trying to figure out the double standards in the blogosphere.

Abu Salazar: votes in favor of torture with the GOP

Salazar CO-MBNA: votes with the GOP on Bankruptcy

Sock Puppet Salazar: votes with the GOP to give lifetime appointments to Dobsons wingnut judges

and this is okay

Where is the outrage and the frontpage verbal abuse???

Oh... I guess you have to be one of the special interets ideologically pure feministas.... passes go to quivering spineless pieces of flaming dog poo... if you happen to be partisan.

Funny, I thought partisans were suppose to vote with their own party not the opposition.

McCain-LIEberman 08

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMcCain-LIEberman 08



We lost.




We lost, screwed by the DLC...AGAIN...not NARAL

This too must be blamed on those uppity women who chose their special interest over the interest of the party.

Tell me again why Democrats in RI should elect another LIEberman, Salazar, Nelson etc. aren't these supposedly non-issue non special interests Democrats the ones who screw the Democratic party over and over again.

I really couldn't give a shit what Powerline and Michele Malkin say... they get paid for their fake outrage.

Reading the news it is funny the ABSENCE of names of the assholes who perpetrated this fraud. Even the MSM is trying to protect these traitors.

But, they are already being praised to the high heavens... while we keep kick dirt in our womens faces.

Still no word from Kos about Salazar's backstabbing the party.

We were fucked once again by the DLC.

This party is dead.

I changed it

what was wrong.

He insulted every woman on earth on his front page.

Kos is wrong

What a load of poo. Where has it been proven that the cause of the demise of the Democratic Party is interests groups? ...Besides DLC literature and in Zell Millers books.

This is so stupid... in two years we have the renewal of the Voting Rights Act coming up. I guess that won't be a Core Value becaues it only deals with minority voting rights.

I guess some special interets group are more equal than others.

Hispanic Project

Starting in the spring of 2002 the New Democrat Network began ringing the alarm bells - Republicans had a new and intense strategy led by Karl Rove to increase their vote with Hispanics. Left unchallenged, this new strategy would change the game in key states and across the country in ways that would make it hard for Democrats to build a 21st century majority coalition.

In 2003 and 2004, the Hispanic Project produced more than twenty cutting-edge commercials on Spanish-language television, radio and Internet that spoke directly to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of this growing community, and highlighted the values and ideals that bond Hispanics and the Democratic Party.  In 2004, we aired ads during an eight-month span in Florida, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  In the last six weeks of the cycle, we expanded our media campaign to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

We created a simple narrative - with the Democratic agenda, Hispanics will have a better life, the unifying theme throughout all of our commercials.  Our focus - based on targeted research, polling and focus group information, and the expertise of the New Democrat Network's seasoned Hispanic team, was on issues of jobs and the economy, health care, and education.

So why is this okay but others aren't?


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