BREAKING: Rosenberg gives birth to Hackett

Well... one begins to wonder... since somehow mysteriously Rosenberg's name seems to be constantly linked to Hacketts

I mean one would think that Rosenberg actually ...DID SOMETHING... in regards to Hackett's success. It is true what they say success has many fathers... failure is an orphan.

It is kinda of dispicable that Rosenberg is trying to link his name with Hackett...since he did not lift a finger... even moreso... that the blogoshpehere has blacked-out the deeds of the Howard and Jim DEAN. DFA was on the case early and Hackett had made the DFA-Listand Jim Dean sent out emails to a million people on the DFA mailing list and they also activated the local DFA groups. Dean in the DNC also reacted BEFORE the DCCC in this campaign.

So for Rosenberg... to worm his way in on the Hackett success is really tasteless... but I am not expecting the blogs to say anything because Rosenberg is paying the bills.

"The blogosphere's most profound impact in Ohio was its ability to raise money and to give Hackett the tools to get his voice heard, when traditionally a candidate like that would never have had that kind of money and simply wouldn't have been competitive," said Simon Rosenberg, head of the New Democrat Network

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Can corporations live under the same tent as libruls?

The party has moved so far to the RIGHT that anything moderate and centrist is now considered the far left fringe.

It is a lie created by the DLC sound machine that the Democratic party was failing because of it's diverseness...

  • Blacks do not have a problem with unions...
  • Unions do not have a problem with women and...
  • Women do not have a problem with gays...
  • Corporatist have a problem with EVERYONE.

So instead of kicking every one else out of the party... wouldn't it be more efficient just to kick the corporatist out to have unity and peace?

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What's so bad about the DLC?

It is not because they call other Democrats names, it is because the undermine the very existence and values of the Democratic party.

Here is a reminder from the Black COmmentator on how organizations like the DLC/NDN operate.

The DLC's mission is to erase the last vestiges of social democracy from the Democratic Party, so that the corporate consensus will never again be challenged in the United States. Acting as a Republican Trojan Horse in the bowels of the Democratic machinery, the DLC claims the "real" party lives somewhere off to the right, where George Bush dwells, and that minorities, unionists, environmentalists, feminists, men and women of peace - virtually every branch of the party except corporatists - must be purged or muzzled.

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Get thee to a nunnery...and your pet cause too...

This one is for the NARAL bashers... who are either clueless or just mean spirited mysogonists...

The Wait in a Catholic Hospital After Rape

Run Date: 08/11/05
By Nevyn O'Kane
WeNews correspondent
Nevyn O'Kane accompanies his wife, a sexual assault counselor, to a Catholic hospital and waits to see if the rape victim will receive emergency contraception

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Oh puleese... NDN/NPI... IS.... the freaking DLC

This has got to be the lamest "Grudge Match" ever...

NDN/NPI folks in an ideologic battle with the DLC.. that is kinda like Farwell and Dobson battling out their ideological differences... if they could find one.

Don't believe the hype they are both the same shit.

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Reid and Pelosi forcing Dean to accept Pro-life LEGISLATORS

Reid and Pelosi have discussed a relationship between Democrats for Life group and the DNC. Dean has also participated in the discussions, according to Democrats for Life.

Representatives of Democrats for Life, including Nelson's staff, and 16 House Democrats met with Dean on Thursday morning to urge him to establish an official relationship that would be signified by, among other things, posting the group's Internet address on the DNC website. So far, the DNC has refused to allow even that modest show of affiliation with Democrats for Life.

DNC spokesman Josh Earnest said, "We don't have links to any other third-party groups."


YEah, just a little website link... and Bush just wanted itty bitty investment accounts.

Senate and House Democrats, with the support of Minority Leaders Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), are pressing party Chairman Howard Dean to establish an official relationship with Democrats for Life, an anti-abortion-rights group that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has previously shunned.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) is leading the Senate effort, while in the House Reps. Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.), Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) are playing prominent roles.

Their hope is to respond to last year's election setbacks, make the party more inclusive and make it less identified with abortion.

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Is the split up of the unions a harbinger for the Democratic Party?

Four major unions decided Sunday to boycott the AFL-CIO convention, setting the stage for one or more to bolt from the 50-year-old federation in a battle over how to reverse organized labor's decades-long decline, The Associated Press has learned.

The unions, representing about one-third of the AFL-CIO's 13 million members, planned to announce the decision Sunday afternoon, a day before the convention opens, according to three labor officials familiar with the failed negotiations to avoid the walkout.

None of the four dissident unions planned to formally severe ties from the AFL-CIO on Sunday, officials said, but they are now poised to do so at a later date.

The protest is led by Andy Stern, president of the federation's largest union, the 1.8 million-member Service Employees International Union. He is virtually certain to pull his union out of the AFL-CIO in coming days, with hopes of bringing his allies along, officials said.

Joining him in the boycott will be the Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers and UNITE HERE, a group of textile and hotel workers, according to the labor officials.

The four unions already had formed the Change to Win Coalition to pressure AFL-CIO President John Sweeney to undertake major changes to the federation.

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Dean's remarks used to mischaracterize Dems on abortion

On Meet the Press, Russert selectively cited Dean's remarks to mischaracterize Dems on abortion

On the December 19 edition of NBC's Meet the Press, moderator Tim Russert mischaracterized remarks former Vermont Governor Howard Dean made on the program a week earlier about the Democratic Party's position on abortion. Russert played a clip from the December 12 Meet the Press, in which Dean suggested that the party "ought to make a home for pro-life Democrats" and have a "respectful dialogue" about the issue. Russert then asked Wall Street Journal national political editor John Harwood if Democrats are "rethinking their position on cultural, moral issues, on abortion?" But immediately preceding the section of the clip of Dean that Russert played, Dean had clearly stated that Democrats should change their "vocabulary" but not their "principles" on abortion, and that the Democrats are "the party of allowing people to make up their own minds about medical treatment."

Russert's video clip of Dean also cut out the middle portion of Dean's answer to Russert's question on abortion. In between the clips Russert aired, Dean had strongly asserted that Democrats who are pro-life should be welcomed into the party because they stand for other core Democratic values: "[T]hey're pro-life not just for unborn children. They're pro-life for investing in children's programs. They're pro-life for helping small children and young families. They're pro-life in making sure adequate medical care happens to children. That's what you so often lack on the Republican side."

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The silver bullet to Roberts nomination

This is not about corporatism, or radicalism  or even choice it is about:


This is why the GOP are hemming a hawing

Must see TV:

An independent filmaker ask abortion protestors how women should be punished for having illegal abortions... their answers are shocking

Let me see if I have this correct

  • This administration is in the deep throes of a scandal the size not seen since Nixon, in regards to Rove/Plame

  • Bush is at his lowest ebb in trustworthy polls since taking office

  • 75% of Americans don't believe that the President and his admistratrion is cooperation with the Plame investigation of the 50% of Republicans don't believe him

  • Not only is the Rove affair bringing to light that Rove leaked the name of a CIA agent, it is also bring to light unsavory facts about the run up to war and the internal disputes of its legitimacy.

  • The war that was suppose to be fought over there just hopped on the underground in London...

And with all of this going on the Democrats have decided that it would be more opportune to not throw Bush an anvil on his nominee for SCOTUS... (btw, I have this great piece of land I'd like to sell and some newly minted wooden nickles.)

Let me repeat the lowest point of the entire Bush administration the Democratic leadership is pondering whether or not they should go great guns to protect Roe...

If Democrats can't even decide on whether or not to protect Roe at the weakest moment ever of this administration... then there is no need to go any further... close the doors and turn off the lights.

I hereby announce that the Democratic Party is dead.
I doubt that it can be resusitated after not protecting the rights of over 50% of it's base.

Women are kind of funny like that... what does the bible say... hell hath no fury...


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