The Katrina Aid That Dare Not Speak Its Name

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by moiv
Tue Oct 18th, 2005 at 10:38:47 PM EDT

Abortion is in the headlines this week.  On Saturday jsmdlawyer at Daily Kos diaried Clarence Thomas' attempt to prevent an imprisoned woman in Missouri from having the abortion to which she was legally entitled, just because she didn't have the $350 she needed to get to the clinic (before we were through with that one, she could have hired a limo, but how much better for women everywhere that she didn't need it after all).  
And this morning none of us was shocked--shocked!-- to hear about Harriet Miers' 1989 promise to support a Constitutional amendment banning abortion altogether.  

But now I'm going to tell you an abortion story that hasn't made the news, and probably won't--a story about the women of Katrina, and about the hurricane relief effort no one talks about--the Katrina aid that dare not speak its name.

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Racist Rednecks Greet Rita Evacuees

Boy this makes me feel a lot safer knowing that the Democrats just bowed down to an avowed racist for the SCOTUS Cheif Justice. Seems like the Republicans have just called open season on killing niggers.

Alex LeBlanc left Beaumont on Thursday to begin a 50-hour bus trip across East Texas. What he experienced, he said, was "like a horror movie."

He couldn't get off the bus to buy food. The drivers were exhausted. And he couldn't go to the bathroom.

"Just had to wait," he said. "I tried to drink as little as I could, but I'm a diabetic. I need a lot of fluids."

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Crises of Democratic Leadership

The Democratic party sunk to a new low today. Democratic Leadership was non existent. Harry "Charlie Brown" Reid once again let the GOP set him up to fall on his ass... taking the party and Democratic base with him.

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Bush already asking SCOTUS to attack abortion

Roberts is not even on the fucking bench yet and they are already attacking abortion...

WASHINGTON -- Bush administration lawyers asked the Supreme Court on Monday to reinstate the first federal law banning a late-term abortion procedure, arguing that it should be outlawed because it is gruesome and is "never medically indicated" as a safer surgical procedure.

The government's appeal asks the high court to overturn the decision of a U.S. appeals court in St. Louis, which struck down the law as unconstitutional.

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Typical DLC/NDN "Messaging"

This is why I do not trust the DLC/NDN.

Yeah the "New" Media machine... only they forgot to tell every one that it is turned inwards to attack progressives and to silence dissent and push their own agenda within the party...or whats left of the party.

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Getting Dem Leaders to LISTEN to Low Income Voters

I started this as a comment to Chris's
Getting Low Income Voters to the Polls but then it got way toooo long...

There are some good points that Chris has made particulary that when "low Income" people vote they usually vote Democratic. However, if you look on closer inspection you would find a greater percentage of lower income Black vote Democratically and a higher percentage of lower income whites vote Republican.

That is where our agreement ends.

Short history of Democratic Presidential elections:

It amazes me that everyone is soooo perplexed. It is easy to see if you open your eyes...The moral of this story is:

  • 2000: First time, voting for a Democrat that won't protect my vote, ...shame on them

  • 2004: Second time,  voting for a Democrat that won't protect my vote, ...shame on me

  • 2008: Third time, I will not vote for a Democrat that won't protect my vote, ...and keep my butt at home

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Librul Dems covers Party's butt

The only logical reasoning for Senators like Leahy and Fiengold in supporting this Roberts debacle is to give cover to the more conservative Dems when they eventually sell out in the Senate vote.

Under no circumstances does the Democratic Establishment want a repeat the Iraq voting blocques redrawn in the Democratic party. Whereby, those that voted against the Iraq vote where given more "Dem Cred" over those that didn't. Hilliary to this day can not shake the fact that she was a political opportunist and voted for an immoral war.

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Oppression for the Greater Good

Reform is NOT about throwing overboard women, minorities, labor, gays...yunno the Democratic base.

Reform is NOT about getting rid of special interest groups or even having them to suppress their issues for the "greater good" (ie as defined by Al From)...

It is about creating a common value within all of these interest groups.Reform must be about reframing liberal and progressive values and policies into a coherent whole: what affirmative action has to do with progressive taxation, what abortion has to do with affirmative action, what environmentalism has to do with feminism, what labor has to do with education etc.

Democrats must reweave the safety net so that those who walk the straight and narrow path, who defend this country in battle, who work, who pay taxes... will not be left to drown if they slip and fall.

This is reform.

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New Orleans and the Demise of the Democrats

Black Commentator

"They have M-16s and they're locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so." - Kathleen Blanco, Democratic Louisiana Governor Governor

But I want to thank the president." - Mary Landrieu, Democratic Louisiana Senator

" and I are not in a position to make any judgment because we weren't there." - Bill Clinton, former Democratic President

Democrats made these mean spirited and ignorant statements. The entire country is facing the plight of the people of New Orleans, coping with the dangers of Republican hell and Democratic high water. One party is proud of its viciousness while the other claims not to be vicious but proudly proclaims its willingness to shoot desperate refugees.

The degree of Democratic callousness in the New Orleans tragedy may be shocking at first, but it is actually consistent with the direction the party has taken for the past two decades. The Democrats are dying a slow political death. Their inaction and acquiescence in New Orleans is just the latest symptom presented by a terminal patient.

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Why didn't they just evacuate in their Cadillacs?

Time to kill the Southern Strategy

It is time once again for the Democratic Party to be the moral leaders of those "Old Timey" issues such and race and poverty.

It is as relevant today as it was at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. That the poor in New Orleans did NOT have a Cadillac to escape and now the government by Executive Order is not allowing then to earn the prevailing wage.

We can not let the Republicans demonize EVEN MORE African Americans and the poor. After hearing Pat Buchanan spew "looting, raping and welfare checks" in the same sentence... I see this is where it is heading.

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