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    Doesn't matter

    If Rossi had won by the 41 votes he would have said that he had a Man Date.

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    Richard D. Parsons, chief executive officer of Time Warner Inc. and co-chairman of a Social Security reform commission appointed by Bush

    more like man of the "Special Interest" moment...

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    just kidding

    Define these labels in terms of ideology:

    • Liberal

    • Moderate

    • Centrist

    • Conservative
  • Faint praise at best is all I can muster for this do--nothing DLC Dem.

    I'll screem if they try to compare him to Obama.

    Mr. Ford you are no Barack Obama

    BYW there is an excellent article on Obmama in this weeks Newsweek

  • Decisions are made by those who show up.

    Everyone must remember this when looking at their crusty State Dem Committees...at least these people bothered to show up!!!

    Another thing you must remember is that they consider these committees "their babies" that they have nursed and encouraged to grow to the best of their ability. The best thing anyone can do is just to KEEP SHOWING UP. No way are they going to hand over the keys to someone who just popped in the door yesterday.

    This will help in two ways either there can be a gentle friendly change over or most likely no need for change of management at all but a jolt of new blood in the body does wonders.

    Saying there will still be a few tough nut cases to crack...but enventually one way or another they'll break.

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    or we would NOT be having this discussion which I am sure is being repeated in all 50 states.

    There have been friendly changeovers like in the case of Oregon or not so friendly changes like a legal suit that may be issued Dec 15 to the Louisana Dem Chair for his immediate resignation for the fraud he committed amongst the African American Deocratic voters. And in some cases there was no need to change management because the "newbies" were embraced from the start and their issues incorporated in the overall organization.

    I would be very surprised if one of these three dynamics isn't taking place in every single state.

    THAT IS GOOD even the bad changeover is good the party no one said it wasn't going to hurt. Those that are wise know that these new people are not going to leave so they might as well let them in. There are still those who think that this was a  one off thing and that sooner rather than later all those crazy Deaniac will get tired and go home.

    The latter are obviously non-reality based Democrats. People are not showing up to Democratic meetings for the sake of Howard Dean. Dean did tell them that if they wanted change that YOU HAVE THE POWER, unfortunatly for the establishment Dems severval hundreds of thousand of people took that literally. They are showing up because they want to know what the hell is going on and why is their property taxes going up, why are the son and daughters being shipped off to Iraq when they just signed up the the National Guard and Reserve to pay for college tutition, why does the rest of the world hate us, who let their job go overseas...

    So those who are still refusing to let in the newbies and who are mounting the anti-Dean movement have two choices...they can either step up to the plate and answer those questions above and fight for the rights of the average parson which they have failed to do for the past decade or... they can move the hell out of the way.

  • This is childish and should be removed

    This crosses the line between a blog and freeperdom.

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    We don't need no stinkin gimmicks!

    This is a replay of her hubby's "Tough on crime" gimmick.

    It is amazing that the Democratic leadership have lost all sense of reality. Wake up we are no longer in 1992 people/

    Wedge??? what it will drive a wedge through are the millions of latinos that are still up for grabs deciding to become Republicans or Democrats

  • It's all about CONTROL.

    You hit the nail on the head. Remember, when even before Dean had stepped out of the race MacAuliffe was already strongarming him for his "list".

    So this begs the question: "Is it the list or the person or group behind the list?"

    We have many examples:

    • Dean's list has already proven to be substantial and sustaining. Dean directs his list based on the fact that the people on his list trust him?

    • AARP's list was decimated when they tried to run rough shod over its members by backing the Medicare bill which will directly hurt their member.

    • The Democratic party of Louisana sent out an alarm to many lists called for money and help ...not many showed up WHY? because they themselves had actively defrauded the African American community.

    • Kerry has a list of over 2 million can he wield his list as handily as Dean??? Or were the people on his list just buying protection from Bush...ABB.

    So, you put your finger directly on the problem: A list is just a bunch of names no different than a telehone directory, it has to be combined with the proper impetus to "Control" and direct it.

    I see where Jerome and Matt's anger is coming from but they should take a page out of Dean's book. It takes a great man to stand aside and watch your mortal enemy give your stump speech infront of millions of people and breaking the bank  using the methods you pioneered and were even poo poo'd for.

    Everyone knows beside that little cheering section on the executive committee that is was not MacAullife who championed the small donor extravaganza that took place this year, just as everyone knows that Kerry couldn't have come even this close to winning had it not been for Dean.

    People will always "try it on" but at the end of the day everyone knows the truth. The fact that Dean was able to steer his list into giving over 200,000 dollars to Gregoire in less than 48 hours is a testiment to his leadership abilities. All of this after he loss the primaries and after Kerry lost the presidency.

    The fact that so many people have logged on to hear Jerome's and Matt's inside story is a testiment that people want to hear the truth.

    My only advice Jerome and Matt is "suck it up" not because they are wrong but because they are right and they are providing an INVALUABLE service and I would like to see them go to the regional meetings. Maura is right they are no longer just "any ole guy" and they must remeber above all else people are looking to make themselves relevant and for jobs (cough...MacAullife...cough).

    We are all humans and I'd be a very wealthy person if I had a nickel for everytime some idiot claimed fame to my work.

  • Sorry but this is so hypocritical.

    Voters this year received handwritten letters, mass mailings, robo calls, canvassers showing up at their door and were bombarded with political advertisements everytime they sat down infront of their tv...WHY?

    Because of politicos like the ones who are annoyed wanted to to influence their vote...

    Herein lies the rub, if these cats don't want to be bothered by people then they are in the wrong business.


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