• and the DLC/NDN "Middle of the Road" KILL factor... which will wipe away a good chunk wins off the books for the Dems.
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    I think some people misunderestimate their actual clout and Brown gto suckered into buying a hell of a lot of blog ads.
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    And the NAACP diary has three... so how did this make it to the recommend list?
  • Now that is impressive...

    Check out the "Who we are" link...

  • Uh... cuz he said so.
  • Ferrer had a commanding lead in the polls over Bloomberg...until he decided to be a bigot.
  • This was Ferrer race to lose... but he decided to be a bigot instead... IN NEW YORK...With stunning incompetency he snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    This is what you get when you run to the right of a center/left republican in a liberal town... your ass handed to you on a platter.

    The Democratic party is NOT A LOYALTY OATH and since the leadership is more than happy to break traditional ties with the base... that makes everyone a free agent....I am wondering when the powers that be will finally open their eyes to this fact.

    Geesh... I was reading Arnold's platform and I thought I was reading the front page of Daily Kos... same exact spew about "special interests" and "old school power brokers"...

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    What a GENIUS Harry Reid is to have kissed her butt?
  • you have the audacity to spout this rubbish.

    Have you asked yourself WHY the Republicans lost is NOT garnering a Democratic gain?

    BECAUSE DEMOCRATS ARE DEMOCRATS not some DLC bullshit middle of the road kill.

    How can you proclaim Democrats are to be agents of change when you set out to destroy any evidence of differences between the parties.

    I had held out hope that Democrats would actually "take advantage" of the GOP's downturn but as usual the DLC/NDN will once againg cast the Democratic party in the role of the "Washington Generals" to the GOP "Harlem Globetrotters"... pretending to be an oppostional party just enough to get re-elected and get more wingnut Dems into power... this is getting way too transparent.

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    another republican...

    this is getting sadder...

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    If only the so-called "pro-lifers" truly respected life... but KNOWINGLY that they are willing to put thousands of womens lives in jeopardy is not for "LIFE"... they are for death and destitution.
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    This is crucial. If the entire convention is not paid for up front, with every and sandwich accounted for, guys like Bill O'Reilly will come down on us like a sledgehammer. There are definitely questions as to where to hold a convention like this, with issues like security costs and accessibility to be considered. Still, full financing is even more important.


    Geeesh...get over it... if we were the party of Mother Theresa assholes like Bill O'Reilly would still make up shit because THAT IS THEIR JOBS.

    I am sick of Dems making policy and managing the party based on "WDTRT" W hat D o T he R epublicans T hink"... this mindset has created a fiasco that has left Reid with egg all over his face.

    Remember this shit...Miers must be a good choice because the Gopers are crying in their teacups. who the fuck cares about alligator tears...

    So if you are already basing a mid-term convention on WDTRT then fucking forget it... that was the whole Boston Convention... The idiot Kerry had a fucking GOPer vinette every 15 minutes... a lesson in utter stupidity and those squawking at framing... that was the epitome of reinforcing the oppositions frames.

    Show that we're a big tent party...
    Sounds like yet another play for anti-choice in the Dem party. What part of... WOMEN WILL DIE... IF ROE IS OVERTURNED... don't you guys understand??? Or is women dying just not "important shit" to you?

  • While the Dems drrol over the GOPer machine they consistently FORGET one thing... GOPers play to their base not against like the Democratic leadership... that is why the coordination of the left blogosphere is meeting with resistence... well what did they really expect after pummelling women, anti-war, gays and blacks... perhaps they should take a better look at what the Gopers are really doing not just what they want to do to get more corporate lobbying contracts.
  • A SCOTUS Chief Justice that no ones anything about



    Bankruptcy Bill

    Harry Ried kissing Miers butt

    Neutering the filibuster

    Abandoning the the voters of Ohio and Florida

    Abandoning protecting abortion rights

    Selling out to the Christo fascist (abstinence-only, activists pharmacists etc.)

    .... and that is just in the last 8 months...

  • Hey Brown is the one who bought up the blogosphere so no one would challenge him... unfortunately ... It is not my fault it is back firing with the heavy handedness of people trying to earn their keep.

    Not only is this going to hurt Brown... but the whole so called "movement" as well ... it is one thing to get people to vote for a candidate it is another ball of wax to get them to pay for a "chosen candidate" ... while you are shitting in their faces.

    There are going to be some interesting dynamics ahead...


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