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    The primary has clearly stripped you of any ability to analyze speeches.  We get it.  He's got a penis.  

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    Likewise, the backers of drilling for off-shore oil are a strong lobbying group, and have plenty of Democrats advocating for it

    Such as?

    Coal has strong backing and while getting away from coal in the long term is the way to go, its going to hurt (in terms of blue collar jobs lost in poor rural areas that will not be offset in terms of location or education level by renewable resource generation) and its going to cost in both money and political will.  

    The 100% in 10 years goal is unrealistic ultimately, but we can strive for it at least.

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    On what amounts to "rah rah!"

    I'm sorry, but this site is broken.

  • I hear what you're saying but its not that simple sometimes.  

    For instance, my address has a walk score of 91 IIRC.  I also drive to work.  By car its 35 minutes or so for 15 miles.  By bike it would be significantly longer for ~20 miles, since bicycles are illegal on the highway (according to Google Maps avoid highway).  

    Now, yes I could move.  But this isn't a trivial concern.  Additionally, few couples work in the same location.  My girlfriend drives when she works 7p-7a and on most w/e and takes the T(subway) most other times.  If I were to move closer to my work, it would be 100% driving and a longer commute for her.

    Now my girlfriend has a slightly shorter commute now (11m by highway, 10 low road), so could she bike to work?  Not really no.  A 12 or 13 hour shift as a nurse is tiring.  And even if that wasn't a big concern, in order to get to work she has to go through some (of the relatively few) bad neighborhoods in Boston and the hub of most violent crime in the city.  She wouldn't feel safe and she's be correct not to.  

    And even if both my girlfriend and I had nice side street paths to places of employment and jobs that would allow reasonable biking to work, it would not be possible several months out of the year.  Even if the cold wasn't an issue, snow and ice both gets in the way of biking and makes it fairly unsafe at times (and impossible at others).  

    And we're both in our 20s.  I know my father could never have done it (hard job, bad knees).  My mother would have had a very hard time (running errands after work or bringing us to school).  My girlfriend's father wouldn't have been able to (work truck, plus Vietnam injuries) nor would her mother (ankle injuries, bringing her brother to school).  

    I'm not trying to put down those who can do it.  Its great if your situation allows you to bike to work, or even better to walk or work from home (an under offered option that might actually produce some change).  But its kind of a gimmick.  Bikes are not easy to bring with you on buses or trains because they are big and unwieldy compared to other things you bring with you.  They are difficult to use in traffic because they don't follow the same rules as other vehicles (and honestly I'd much rather one more car than a bike in front of me on the road in terms of frustration).

  • As monkeys flying out of my butt.

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    Hillary won't be the VP.  There are a number of reasons that have already been covered.  Want to know another one?

    Because of the obsession of people like many of the diarists on MyDD.  Barack Obama has maintained tight message control.  Do you think he'll pick a VP who won't abide by that?  Who can take away his control of the media narrative without delivering large voter blocs (if any VP can)?  A VP that encourages people to bring up his (at the very least supposed) flaws and the nasty primary battle?  

    No.  I understand some of those who supported Hillary in the primaries want her to be VP.  Its not going to happen, nor should it.

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    The average commute is something like 16 miles over 26 minutes.  A world class cyclist couldn't reproduce that with traffic and a significant portion of the population could not accomplish a 16 mile trip without resting.  

    Public transport, more ecologically response energy production and means to get cars run by that energy is the solution.  If a bike commute works for you, great there are real benefits.  But the average person can't add an extra two or even three hours a day onto their work commitment, especially with a family or a job you already spend 50+ hours a week on or a second job or....

  • Obama position is 100% consistent with NARAL and Roe.  Mental distress does not constitute mental illness.  

    A woman has the right to control her body, but that right is not absolute when it comes to a viable fetus.  A fetus post-viability has some limited rights.  If the woman's health is threatened, her right to control her body overrides the rights of the fetus.  Otherwise, the fetus should be carried to term.

    That's what Roe/Casey says.  

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    Edwards should go uber-attack dog.  There's no reason to be polite to an obvious scumbag like Rove.  

    And since he's scheduled these debates I think that guarantees no Edwards for VP.  Even if it made sense in a normal campaign, no way is Obama going to cede control the message in this way.

  • ...are explicitly about the primaries.

    Yours contains unfounded claims of a connection between Obama supporters and a click on a "flag" button on blogger from sites linked to by the racist No Quarter blog.

    The other contains a BS attack on Obama's pro-choice credentials.  

    Who is trying to relive the primaries?

  • Considering McCain has caught up to Obama in fund raising perhaps we should fund an active campaign instead of trying to cut the campaign debt of a candidate worth 9 figures.

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    I'm sure this has nothing to do with politics, and certainly not in shoring up the "family values" vote.  
  • Others aren't fans of that OR hypocrisy.

  • You talk about the level of discourse of a particular poster in the first diary or story you've ever posted in.

    "William Cooper" first posted a whole week ago.  

    Given the content of the posts that pretty strongly suggests the accounts are BS accounts, be it direct trolls, formerly banned users or a sockpuppet.  

  • By the way, that's Yale, Princeton, Columbia and Duke.


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