Could Pennsylvania Have two Senate Races in 2006?

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Alren Specter has announced that he has Hodgkin's disease, if Specter should not be able to carry out his duties could Pennsylvania have two Senate Races in 2006?  Has any State or Commonwealth ever had two Senate races in the same year in modern history? Here's the story (in the extended entry):

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Democratic Social Security plan

After thinking about Socail Security for awhile I have come to the conclusion that Democrats need a Progressive reform plan for Socail Security.  One I think is to lift the cap on Social Security and also Medicare so the rich elitist pay their FAIR SHARE and two make the first 10k or 20k of income FICA tax except, but still give people credits for that money earned.  Now this a far superior plan to the Bush plan and this could truly encourage personal invest while not negatively affecting Social Security in any way (no increase in the retirement age, no benifit cuts, and longterm fiscal stability) and it's far less complicated.  
There are some details that would need to be worked out for instance; what should be the cap for employers share; should their be a cap at all on employers?
I believe Democrats should put forward a progressive plan, something that all Democrats can stay they stand for.

We have to beat; Santorium, who do you think can do it?

-Treasurer Bob Casey, Jr.:  Bobby's 2004 Treasurer campaign showed he can win big.  Although his vote totals were likely boosted by Senator John Kerry's southeast Pennsylvania vote windfall, the fact is that he received the most votes of any candidate ever in Pennsylvania history and garnered nearly a half million more votes than Kerry.  His impressive showing has many Democratic operatives and leaders suggesting he take on Senator Rick Santorum in 2006.  But the fact remains that Casey is more interested in succeeding Ed Rendell in Harrisburg.  Democrats should not count on Casey to take on Santorum... but for the strength of his potential candidacy he remains on the list.
-Former Congressman Joseph Hoeffel:  Hoeffel just never caught on in his 2004 Senate campaign against Senator Arlen Specter.  While some may argue that Hoeffel lost by less than 600,000 votes, analysts should remember that Constitution Party candidate Jim Clymer took most of his 214,837 votes from Specter.
-Former Treasurer Barbara Hafer:  It's no secret that Barbara Hafer and Santorum agree on virtually nothing.  A recent convert to the Democrats, she carries less baggage than other Democrats and could win a primary.  But without the Treasurer's office or Bob Asher and other moderate Republican financiers, Hafer is unlikely to raise the money she needs to compete in a general election.
-College Professor Chuck Pennachio: I don't know to much about him, but here is a link to his Senate campaign website
- Former State Senator Allen Kukovich:  Kukovich's re-election defeat takes him off the A-list for 2006 Senate candidates, but not off the list entirely.  His defeat doesn't change the fact that he is popular with both wings of his party and now he has nothing to lose.
-Congressman Tim Holden:  The dark horse potential candidate for Senate is Tim Holden.  While he does follow the Klink/ Casey mold, Holden is a more nimble politician and could attract voters from both of Pennsylvania's Democrat parties.  However, having defeated Congressman George Gekas and trounced Scott Paterno, Holden may opt to settle in to what is becoming a safe congressional seat... a choice Joe Hoeffel probably should have made
-Chris Heinz:  Most rumors place Heinz running for Congress against Melissa Hart in 2006.  But with little to lose and access to an enormous fortune, Heinz shouldn't be ruled out as a possible 2006 candidate.  Democrats would be wise to remember that only one statewide candidate had a higher victory margin that Bob Casey Jr.'s this cycle... U.S. Senator John Heinz won by 1,484,951 votes in 1988.
-Democratic State Chairman TJ Rooney:  Fresh off impressive statewide wins for Senator John Kerry, Bobby Casey Jr., and Allyson Schwartz, Rooney remains popular with Democrat activists across the state.  The current Chairman of Democratic State Committee, Rooney has access to money and top operatives.  This may be his next logical step.
-DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty: McGinty has a long resume, having served in the Clinton White House, Rendell Administration, as an advisor the to Gore for President campaign, and substantial experience in the private sector.  McGinty is the Democrat most likely to run that most Republicans have never heard of.


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