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    First Round
    Miami over New Jersey 4-1
    Detriot over Philadelphia 4-2
    Indiana over Boston 4-3
    Wasington over Chicago 4-2

    Phoenix over Memphis 4-0
    San Antinio over Denver 4-3
    Sacramento over Seattle 4-2
    Dallas over Houston 4-2

    Second Round
    Miami over Indiana 4-2
    Detriot over Wasington 4-0

    Pheonix over Sacramento 4-2
    Dallas over San Antinino 4-3

    Conferance Finals
    Detriot over Miami 4-3
    Pheonix over Dallas 4-2

    Pheonix over Detriot 4-2

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    But Can someone please tell me how Democrats can vote consistantly for Conservative economic policy, repeal of the Estate Tax for instants and still call themself a Democrat.
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    I know Sanders is one of the better if not the best Congressman in the way he serves his constituents.

    Also I believe Sanders won 60 to 70% of the vote in places where Bush got around 60% in Vermont in 2000.

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    Well I think someone needs to run as a Democrat, just so the Republican can't get both nominations, hell the Democrat can even endorse Bernie Sanders.
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    Well Wellstone got alot of free media attention by being creative with his creative commercial advertising.  I think in his ads he said something like "I don't have alot of money so I'll have to talk fast" and that was pretty effect in getting him more coverage.
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    Lincoln had one of the highest inflation rates of any President, he appointed bad general after bad general that extended the Civil War, and was a racist much to the opposite of the myth of Lincoln, now Lincoln did help to heel some of the wounds of the Civil War, but wasn't a great President.

    LBJ was the second greatest domestic President, but because of his mistake of esculating the Vietnam war and then lying about it how the war was going.

    My 5 worst Presidents list in no particular order:

    Richard Nixon
    Warren Harding
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Herbert Hoover
    William Mckinley

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    Won't Judge Roy Moore get about 6 to 10% nationally.
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    What I want to know is who are the bastard Democrats that voted for this?

    There's got to be almost 50 of them and everyone of them needs to face a primary challange.

  • Well I'd venture to guess the average Christian-no denomination are usually much more Conservative than lets say your average Catholic, Lutheran, Presbytrian, or Anglican.
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      This law does not give a pharmacy the right to descriminate.  What it does is say that a pharmacist can chose not fill a certain perscription, provided another pharmacist is on duty.  Now the pharmacist would be in vilation if no other pharmacist is on duty.
      I don't see any problem with this legislation provided it has a means by which pharmacies that don't fill prescriptions can be held accountable.
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    In the way he votes, but the problem is walks, talks, and acts like a conservative.
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    The Democratic party shouldn't of let Lieberman run for both Senate and Vice President, the only votes Lieberman should be taking in the Senate are tiebreakers as VP.
  • Right now its about 1 Representive for 630,000 people, I think it would make sense to make that number around 1 for every 200,000 people.  So that Congressional districts wouldn't streak for over a 100 miles in most cases, which would be a benifit to all.
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    I'm tired of people saying you have to be this conservative or this moderate or this liberal, people don't vote based up a sliding scale.
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    "sensibly pro-life "

    Probably someone that believes its not do-able to make abortion illegal because it will lead to "back alley abortions." Believes late-term abortions should be strongly restricted and there should be things like parental notification.  Believes that more money should be put into anti-poverty measures for pregnant women, giving more information about adoption and making the adoption system better, and providing more help to the parents of children, also educating more about safe-sex.  All of those things would be smart mesures to reduce the number of abortions.  


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