• A bunch of hypocrites.
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    With Democrats like that, voting to get rid of the Estate Tax, who needs Republicans?
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    Taft-Hartley or the Labor-Management Relations Act, :

    Well I don't like anything in the Taft-Hartley act.  
    Here is basically what it did:

    "Its provisions made the closed shop illegal and outlawed secondary boycotts. Section 14(b), the most controversial, allowed states to pass right-to-work laws, which would enable them to regulate the number of union shops. But its most important provision gave the president the power to order a "cooling-off" period to stop strikes that threatened national safety or health. It also required unions to register and file financial reports with the Department of Labor, and union leaders had to swear under oath that they were not communists.

  • Well when you're too lazy to run a Democrat, you're too lazy to make an endorsement too.
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    Might have unintended consquences, maybe adding 100 seats or so to the House every decade would be a good solution.
  • 2006 could be a decent year when you look at what happened in 1994.  In 1994 we lost 9 seats going from 57 Democrats to 48 Democrats and then you have to figure in Campbell and Shelby switched from Democrat to Republican lower us to 46.  So 94 was a net lose of 11 seats.  

    In 2000 we did gain 5 electorally and 1 more with Jeffords switch.


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    And I thought Steele just looked stupid.  Researching for a paper I was writing on Social Security, I found that if you get rid of the 90 thousand dollar cap that it would only affect the top 6% of earners.  

    So by conclusion someone that makes 150 thousand of income with 300 thousand household income has to be in the top 2 or 3% of earners.  

    Although someone like that is still just by a little bit in the 33% marginal tax bracket.

    And I thought the median income was about $40,000.  

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    Democratic Senate:  10.5% growth
    Democratic House:  10.9% growth

    Republican Senate: 9.4% growth
    Republican House:  8.1% growth

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    Republicans are for big government that benifits the super rich and shifts the tax burden from the rich to lower and middle income persons.  Republicans purposely try to bankrupt the federal government so that social programs are unifordable.  
  • The McClellan he's referring to was a Union General during the Civil War and also ran as a Democrat for President against Lincoln in 1864, I think he got about 45% of the vote of the Union States.
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    I want to know why the media covers conservatives use of religion to hate monger on a wide range of issues, but many religions for instants the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America opposed the repeal of the Estate Tax, but very little coverage by the media, except a little bit on Olberman.
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    He also mentioned Divorce as being a sin and said that the "gay issues" were just being used for political gain.
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    But I think that the DLC Democrats were more likely to vote for the bankrupties bill, budget, Class action bill, or repeal of the estate tax while.  Non DLC Democrats especially more conservative ones like Holden of PA or Taylor of MS were more likely to vote for the Schiavo bill or Real ID Bill.
  • Most things should be made and produced by the private sector like Cars, Shoes, clothing, and various other consumer goods.

    But things such as our water, energy, healthcare, and the defense of our country are much better handle by a government of the people since the market doesn't have incentive to deliver these basic needs to all people.

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    Missouri looks like a decent pickup oppurtunity.  I'd peg Talent as 3rd or 4th most vulnerable Republican Senator with a tie between Santorum and Chaffee and a tie for 3rd between Burns and Talent.


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