• Aren't all DLCers free traders?  Bryd and Casey aren't so they can't be DLCers.
  • Chuck with all due respect, Klink lost because he was outspent 4-to-1 not because he was conservative or what not.  So my question for you is how would you avoid getting outspent by a similiar margin?
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    He seems to stand up for alot of Democratic principles, also he seems likeable and a good overall canidate.

    Also it seems like the GOP is running more and more far right-wing facist Republican women.

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    Pro-life Democrats have many goals incommon with Pro-choice Democrats.  

    I think this article pretty much sums up Republicans pposition while talking about Rick Santorum.

    Mr. Santorum’s blind support of the Presidents Bush’s policies supporting the killing in Iraq, the withdrawal of support for health care programs like the Ryan White Act, and the gutting of food aid programs for the world’s poorest countries indicates a record characterized by an indifference to life issues while proclaiming himself to be “Pro-Life”. The reality is that he is better described as “Pro-Birth”, based on his support for some abortion-related legislation that itself has had no effect on the abortion rates nationally. Santorum turned his back on many of the Bishops requests to Congress and voted against measures concerning Mercury exposure, Medicaid, Child Care, Gun Control, Housing for the poor, just wages, just war, nuclear weapons, Global AIDS funding, and immigration.

    It is vital that Catholic candidates like Mr. Santorum stop treating human life as a "wedge" issue for political gain, and start voting in a manner that supports the value and dignity of all life. A Catholic candidate should stand against cutting off 300,000 poor kids from after-school programs. One can not be "pro-life" and leave one American in six without health insurance. The "dignity of life" is not defended while also permitting millions to fall out of the middle class. Catholic teaching is a “seamless garment” of consistent theology, not a buffet. Therefore, we cannot endorse Mr. Santorum.

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    Looks like Jean Schmidt has won the Republican nomination.  So it looks like Hackett won't get to run against McEwen's corruption directly like it did earlier, but the State Republican parties actions will leave him plenty to run against corruption wise.
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    He got better as he went along in the 2004 campaign and I think he had some very good ideas especially with progressive taxation.
  • He isn't afraid to call Republicans out on their bullshit, and I'd say most moderate or conservative loyal Democrats atleast like Dean for the fact that he isn't afraid of these right-wing punks.
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    I'm glad if anyone takes someone like Hannity to task.
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    "If the rich are paying lower taxes guess what yin's will be paying higher taxes especially when it comes to state and local taxes or you'll be getting reduced services like paying more for garabage pickup, having your social security benefits cut, paying more for college and health care.

    So our plan is that the rich elistists on their yachts should pay their fair share and that people like you all shouldn't have bare the unfair burden of oppressivly high taxes just because the millions and billions are paying a marginal tax rate of 35% when it should be much higher."

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    It moves the projected deficit date from 2042 to 2032 because of the 4 trillion in borrowing to make privatization happen.
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    Has to increase taxes for the rich and decrease them for everyone else and close the many corporate lopewholes.
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    Nato and our government aren't doing anything in the Sudan.

    Do you think its a matter that they just don't care or do you think its a matter of countries feeling that the potential cost of loss of life by their own citizens with ground troops isn't worth the potential of saving lives of many Sudanese?

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    Its lighter skinned muslims that are doing this genocide against darker skinned christians, right?
  • Well 40% of people will never vote for a Democrat no matter what or Republican for that matter, so 44% saying they will definitly not vote for her isn't that bad.
  • Eliminate the cap and reduce the payroll tax rate.


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