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    I thought yins Red state Democrats were suppose to be against this type of stuff, how the hell do you all get elected in the first place.  Especially Ben Nelson!   What the hell?
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    When they endorsed Specter they said they didn't want to be taken for granted.  Now it would be one thing if the endorsed Specter over someone like an Ed Rendell with a poor labor record, but Joe Hoeffoel had an outstanding record on labor issues.
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    Paul Hackett just came off as a regular guy with good ideas and I think he really has a shot at winning.

    Schmidt came off as a sterotypical rightwing wench.  See came off as very shrill and someone that would be another right-wing Republican lacky.

  • I agree I'm not voting for anybody in primary that votes for CAFTA.

    I recently asked Steve Porter who is running against Phil English in Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional district. and this is what he wrote:

    I do not think that the entire economic globilization process (NAFTA, CAFTA,
    WTO, etc.) has been prudently handled.  Specifically, there are three areas
    in which I have found all of them wanting.  The first is the insurance that
    the resultant trade will benefit all of the nations involved relatively
    equally.  Certainly, in the US, NAFTA has resulted in the loss of jobs, and
    the outsourcing of US jobs to other nations has been far worse for us.
    Second, many of the current trade policies do not make provision for fair
    wages or labor conditions in countries outside the US.  Third, there are not
    sufficient provisions for environmental safeguards in nations outside the
    US.  A perfect example of globilization run amok is the situation in Saipan
    where sweatshops are actually supported by some US Congress members.  You
    might want to read up on this.  You can do so on the
    www.globalexchange.com/saipan website or Google "Saipan sweatshops protected
    by US Congressmen," and read the first few entries.  Both Tom Delay and Phil
    English are a part of this.

    The underlying issue of the CAFTA situation--indeed all of these trade
    policies--is that the globilization of economic forces has occurred at only
    one end of the labor-management spectrum, management.  There has been no
    concommitant globilization of worker rights, so that profits expand at the
    expense of human dignity.  In many nations which reap the benefits of
    globilization, the efforts on the part of workers to organize and fight for
    better living and working conditions are met with the most severe
    opposition, opposition which includes violence, imprisonment, exile, and the

    It is one of the great tragedies of modern times that the human race has
    allowed the neurosis of greed to impact so negatively on so many lives.
    Perhaps it is not just modern times.  Perhaps it is endemic to the human
    species and is a part of all peoples at all times.  Whatever one's position
    on this philosophical postulation, I am certain that the constant and
    consistent abuses of people will, as they have throughout history, lead to
    violent changes in the fabrics of the societies in which the abuses occur.
    The shortsightedness of much of the world's trade policy could well be the
    progenitor of revolutions to come.  There is far more at stake than a
    momentary trade agreement in CAFTA and like policies.

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    Approval/disaproval in Texas 50% to 47%, that's suprising.
  • Yeah for Lutheran's the Missouri synod is definitly a conservative set.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is a fairly liberal church
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    I think among the liberal christian group and Catholics as well issues such as world hunger, repeal of the estate tax, health care, and trade issues can be seen as moral issues.  
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    Health Insurance covers viagra and such, otherwise how would they have sex with there staffers.

    Although the Republicans seem to be fucking over the majority of Americans without viagra anyways.

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    Democrats nominate:
      Bayh and Richardson
    Republicans nominate:
      Brownback and Santorum

      Mccain and Benny Nelson run together.


      Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich run together.

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    Its not like Rove has an appointed position, yes he's Bush's top advisor, but its not like he's the Sectary of State.
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    Just thought I give everyone the conservative arguement that I have heard from many people against the flag burning amendment.

    "I bought it I ought to be able to whatever the hell I want to do with it."

    Also if this was about not wanting flag burning, why not just make the flag out of non-flammable material.

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    Trying to take out Democrats when we only got 44 of them.
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    I think the big question is whether the Democratic to Republican shift in numbers is simply because of turnout or because a shift in peoples attitudes toward the two parties since 2000.
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    He might make a decent Sec of State, but I don't like his pretty conservative economic politics.
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    Had all the presidential canidates when they asked there members for who they wanted to support so its basically the same situation.


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