Concerned PA-18 Democratic voter

Ok, so there's like six candidates and it was recommended to check out PA-18 steve o'donnell.  I did and I found this out.
This should be disclosed to voters.

As a life long Democrat, I CAN NOT AND WILL NOT support Steve O'Donnell because I checked him out as recommended, and he has kept secret from everyone that he was pretty much terminated or forced out by a company in 1996 due to "rampant mismanagement".

The Board forced O'Donnell out in 1996 apparently for that exact reason. Westmoreland Human Opportunities started overseeing LSS in Sept 1996 & immediately bailed out of overseeing troubled LSS in October 1996, after learning the "intimate details" of Life Service Systems financial situation.  LSS shortly thereafter had to file for bankruptcy on 1/14/1997 under recommendation from the newly appointed Board (by Adelphoi).

Public assistance grant funding of over $1.3 million was secured by LSS from HUD in October 1995 for an LSS housing project, while matching funds were secured as a pre-condition to the HUD grant from United Way ($100,000), the Mellon Foundation ($150,000), and Westmoreland Housing Authority ($25,000)...imagine the attorney fees these organizations had to expend in this debacle.  

Here's a link that shows Mr. O'Donnell as the president of Life Service
Systems, Inc. ghg2

At the first of the year in 1997, LSS had to file for bankruptcy, #97-20226-BM
in the Western PA Federal Bankruptcy court.  Check out this appeals link from the bankruptcy court: ns/06-20-02.BM.LifeServiceSystems.97-202 26.AP98-2082.pdf

Notice that only months after receiving the HUD grant and matching funds totaling
over 1.3 million dollars...LSS experienced "financial and administrative" problems in 1996. You just don't develop bankruptcy over night and wake up with it the next morning...which again leads back to highly suspect issues of severe mis-management.  

O'Donnell does not include reference to Life Service Systems, Inc. under the "About Steve" link on his webpage.  Nor does Steve O'Donnell include any reference to Professional Life Services, which in the Bankruptcy court documents under Case No. #97-20226-BM... Professional Life Services is listed as having the same address, ironically as Steve O'Donnell.  Why is Professional Life Services also not disclosed?  Also, I wonder how much of the taxpayer's money Westmoreland County had to pay for attorney fees during this debacle.

We need a strong, ethical candidate to take Tim Murphy to task on ethics as well as positions, not a candidate who may have something to hide and has not disclosed this information.  And that's just me checking O'Donnell out... imagine what Tim Murphy will come up with when he probes into Steve O'Donnell. Feel free to check out these court documents.

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Re: Concerned PA-18 Democratic voter

Does this diary strike anyone else as fishy?

by Steve M 2008-01-27 10:08PM | 0 recs
Re: Concerned PA-18 Democratic voter


Considering PA-18 is one of the 4 seats we can compete for in PA this cycle (15, 3 and 6 are the others, assuming we got candidates in them). My opinion, Barabara Hafer looks the the candidate most ready to carry our party's banner to victory this fall (and yes, I know of her family's PREVIOUS Republican history).

P.S. Looks like we got some good candidates in 15 and 3 (two qualified candidates in this district) so far. Still looking for someone a bit more hard core in district 6.

by Trowaman 2008-01-27 11:38PM | 0 recs


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