• Well said. Kos wishes us well. He told Jake Tapper he thinks the boycott is great! and he hopes we find what we are looking for.

    Who knew that splits between liberal/progressives are a good thing? I was hoping that for the GOP.

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    What amazes me about how rude these Obama supporters are is that they seem to have no idea who they are talking to? Honestly, most of the people on this thread didn't care that much for Clinton. We wanted a Howard Dean, we wanted Gore, we then settled for Edwards. Obama and Clinton were the "politicians", the "triangulators". It was only when the choice was wittled down to these two mediocre candidates did this dailykos pogrom start. And to see Markos just blow off a 1/3 of his readers is really suprising.

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    Well I don't need and endorsement from him but it kind of bogus to say you don't want to endorse because this is a "community" and he doesn't want to speak for everyone, (fine) and then turn around and run a mild smear campaign on Clinton as if everybody doesn't know what's going on?

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    Hey those were volunteers running the caucus. If they were understaffed, try looking in the mirror. I took it upon myself to direct traffic and work the line and you wouldn't believe the looks I got when I had to tell someone they were in the wrong line or room. Like I owed them something for giving them advice they didn't want to hear? With my three little kids hanging on my legs!

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    Here's what ruffles my feathers lately about Markos, for some reason or another he will not endorse Obama but he has no problem running this anti-Clinton storyline over the last two Months with series of negative posts about her and Bill. (Americablog done the same thing only more blatant.) Why not just come out with it?

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    You know though an 8 point spread in the caucus beats a 4 point spread in the primary and that is what is going on right now. Then you have 12 supers up for grabs. This whole big State was a wash.

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    The math is wrong on CNN' site. Clinton has had 51%+ for a while now. Not 50%

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    Well I just finished with the caucus in Southlake, Texas one of the most affluent and white areas of the State. Obama won the caucus 69% to 31%. I was floored.

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    Remember Vegas? Nobody was talking too much about Latinos then and they turned in droves for Clinton.

    Obama hype ends Tuesday.

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    You've got Hagel in Nevada rather than Nebraska.

    Freudian slip? Kerry wouldn't stand a chance in Nevada.

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    I scan You Tube's "most viewed" list fairly often. When you see a political or news related video here it is most often left leaning. Just yesterday, an Edward's video had 60,000 hits ranking it near the top of the list. From a partisan stand point let the GOP stay away, their schtick does just not work online. Too many informed voters.

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    I just can't get into this sympathy progressives have for illegal aliens. Really? How can you rightfully knock Bush for breaking the law by torturing, illegal wiretaping, extraordinary rendition, Hatch amendment violations, and turn around really not give a shit that illegal aliens have broken the law? Talk about double standards. Plus they are driving down wages for the poorest Americans, a group Dems claim to want to help?

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    But who are we to bring up out of state funding? Ned Lamont? Tester? Webb?

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    Having been around these boards since the Dean days, I'm really surprised Obama is polling this strong. I would have guessed myDD readers would tend to choose a viable candidate that takes the more aggressive positions against the war and other core progressive issues. Edward's doesn't pander with the "cant we all just come together" talk when dealing with GOPers. Also they tend to shy away from candidates who make these vague political speeches low on specifics.

    Don't get me wrong Obama was my third. But Edwards is the most inline with the liberal blogosphere's priorities. Obama seems a more superficial choice.

  • Bush dropped the egg. It's splatterd all over the ground. There is no putting the egg back together. Without US combat troops Iraq is going to hell in a hand basket until they sort things out on their own.

    If you want a Ranger/Recon/Rambo force around to placate our scared citizens they can just as easily be based offshore.


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