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Interesting idea
Since this is presumably a volunteer endeavor, how much time would realistically be required? I don't know if that's a leader, manager or follower question, but I think it's a pragmatic question we need to answer.

I've gone to one State Convention about twenty years ago. That was my entire political involvement until this election. All I did this time was comment here and at Dkos and make a few contributions.

Since the election I've signed up for a Meet Up on Jan. 5th, written five letters to California DNC members about the chair position, written a few letters to the editor and found out the address of my county Dem headquarters, but haven't stopped by yet.

I'm interested in doing more, but I need to be pragmatic about the time requirement before I commit.

by Gary Boatwright 2004-12-14 07:25AM | 0 recs
i think the way to go would be to
attend meetups, maybe organize some, but get a couple of friends involved with you as a group.  rather than take on a task on your own, if you volunteer for anything, it helps a lot to have your little group take it on together.

That way, what you do actually dovetails with your social life.

And then, when it starts to eat too much of your time, say "no," and maybe find another person to recruit to your group.

That's it.  That's grass roots organizing.

It's all about doing the little things as part and parcel of your social life.

That's what the right wing moral extremists do.  There's no reason we can't do it.

If anything you learn from the diary helps you be more effective in any of this, great.  Most "leaders" don't have titles.  In fact, getting some kind of title or heirarchical post foten stymies the expression of leadership, which is really just influence based on credibility, intelligence, empathy and trust.

by Pachacutec 2004-12-14 11:13AM | 0 recs
Re: i think the way to go would be to
I'm not sure if the O.C. Meet Up is actually meeting on Jan. 5th. I haven't received the return email about the location. That's probably not a good sign. I'll contact their web site again.

I'm your basic liberal godless heathen, so I don't attend church. I was thinking that wherever it is, we could switch to a nearby UCC church. Perhaps get some cross pollination.

We'll see how it goes.

by Gary Boatwright 2004-12-14 12:42PM | 0 recs
Good instinct
I would even say, pagan goddess or Wiccan or whatever, get two friends together and take your local UCC pastor out to lunch or meet for coffee.  Ask about the congregation, and talk about the election.  Talk about common interests in public policy, especially on the local level.

Build relationships, first and foremeost.  Don't wait to be assigned a task.

You want a task?  Build up your contact list.  Use Outlook or whatever you want.  Get people's names, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, find out their goals and interests, whatever you can.  

People are interesting, and plenty crazy enough for fun, if you keep a sense of humor.  We need them all.  The name of the game is relationships, relationships, relationships.

by Pachacutec 2004-12-14 12:54PM | 0 recs
Coverage of local politics is non-existant
We get better coverage of L.A. city politics than we do of Orange County politics. A few big stories hit the O.C. Register with their fair and balanced perspective, but 95% of the actions of City Councils and the County Board of Supervisors is a black hole; until the shit hits the fan.

The religious right took over the Westminister school board a couple of years ago and created a big stink for one election cycle. I have absolutely no idea what the eventual resolution was.

I saw a comment on one blog that you can get more information from the internet about events in China then you can about what going on at your City Council meeting. City Councils in California are notorious for violating open meetings requirement of the Brown Act.

This could be interesting.

by Gary Boatwright 2004-12-14 04:35PM | 0 recs
Good luck!
keep us up to date on your progress. . .
by Pachacutec 2004-12-14 06:50PM | 0 recs
blogged this at the NDN blog
I posted it at www.ndnblog.org.
by Matt Stoller 2004-12-14 11:47AM | 0 recs
Re: blogged this at the NDN blog
Thanks. . . I just spotted that and then saw your post here.  

Many thanks, and quite unexpected.  

As you may see from my other comments here at mydd recently, I'm open to any suggestions as to how I might target content that may be of use, based on my business background.  If you have suggestions, I'm all ears.


A. J. (aka "Pachacutec" after an Inca warrior of legend)

by Pachacutec 2004-12-14 12:25PM | 0 recs
Another question
Is this a complementary activity to Meet Up and getting involved with the local Dem party headquarters, the same thing, or did you have something additional in mind?
by Gary Boatwright 2004-12-14 12:44PM | 0 recs
Re: Another question
I'm not a sponsor, so I have no idea of the specifics of this or any event.  I was just trying to lay out some braod themes for individuals to apply in the ways they see as best.


But if you feel stymied with your Meetup group, start your own group.  Or get two friends together and take your local Dem party representatve to dinner.  Have a drink.  be a pagan goddess.  Have fun.  And get to know him/her.  Find out about the party's needs.

I generally emphasize making social contacts over volunteering for specific tasks.  tasks will emerge, and there will always be more than you can handle alone.  But relationships - ah, relationships! - that's where the political gold is, and also the fun.

by Pachacutec 2004-12-14 12:49PM | 0 recs


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