Cheating in Bucks County??

BREAKING NEWS It has come to my attention that supporters of Barack Obama may be handing out official Democratic party literature in Bucks County, a suburb of Philadelphia, covered with Obama stickers, and saying that the Democratic Party has endorsed Senator Obama.

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Chelsea and Ed Rendell rock Philly's 'gayborhood'

My weekend in Philadelphia began late Friday night. I had the esteemed pleasure to go pub crawling with Chelsea Clinton and Ed Rendell around Philadelphia's 'gayborhood.' The outpouring of support for Hillary and warm welcome that Chelsea received from the GBLT community tugged at my heartstrings, and it reminded me of what a terrific place my hometown of Philadelphia is.

All photos courtesy of Jon Winkleman

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Hillary unveils ambitious anti-crime agenda

A little over a year ago, I moved to New York from Center City Philadelphia. It was distressing to me to see headlines about violence in Philadelphia on the news and to see communities in distress. Hillary Clinton is answering the call to make make our communities safer with her bold new anti-crime agenda that strengthens community policing efforts, crime prevention and prison reform. More after the jump.

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Obama's elitist contempt for everyday people

Barack Obama is once again showing his enmity for common people in small town America. Politco's Ben Smith has quoted Obama assigning a negative connotation to faith and gun ownership in small town Pennsylvania.

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Hillary's Plan to Help Families Care for the Elderly

In December, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton hit the campaign trail together, and one one occasion, were fortune enough to be joined by Hillary's 88-year-old mother, Dorothy Rodham. The Clintons made a cross-generational appeal to women voters emphasizing the importance of women in family life and talked about Hillary's plan to assist care takers.

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Now, this is a church worth attending: Hillary joins people of faith to fight HIV and Malaria

cross-posted from Daily Kos; originally published Dec. 2 and one of my favorites that I would like to share with this community

Conventional wisdom says that most evangelical Christians would not be receptive to a Democratic candidate much less Hillary Clinton. Conventional wisdom be damned: Hillary's speech at the Global Summit on AIDS & The Church at the Saddleback megachurch in Lake Forest, CA., late Nov. left organizers and churchgoers praising the performance of our party's candidate for the Presidency.

An article in the Christian Post, noted that Hillary's "gutsy" Nov. 29 appearance at the church softened evangelical's perceptions of her. More from the article at the flip:

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We Walked Out - Why Couldn't Obama?

Barack Obama sat, listening intently in his pew -- he didn't register any disapproval -- while his pastor made inflammatory remarks about America. Obama has admitted that he was present when Reverend Wright made controversial remarks about American domestic and foreign policy. He didn't walk out; he kept coming back to a congregation that was demonstrably on the same page as Rev. Wright.

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Note to Newsweek: Do a Background Check When You Hire Bloggers

Newsweek does not have a 'Democratic blogger' as a columnist covering the 2008 election, it has an ultra-partisan Obama supporter named Markos Moulitsas. Having Markos covering the Democratic primary is wrongheaded, and Newsweek should reconsider his placement.  

The cat is out of the bag, Markos does not think that Hillary deserves fair treatment and had it out for her supporters on his Web site all along.

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You Reap What You Sow: A Striker's Take on the Writer's Strike

Daily Kos originated as a so-called "netroots" online community for electing Democrats to office; it was a place Democrats could go to organize and come together in common purpose. Over the course of the past year, it has been bracketed -- suffocated politically -- by group-think and rabid hatred of Senator Clinton, one of the Democratic canidates for President.

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Keep Your Ears Open - to BIGOTS and HATE-MONGERS

cross-posted from the daily obama

Senator Barack Obama has once again thrown the GLBT community under the bus. This time it was to crystalize his carefully cultivated -- yet empty -- portrayal of himself as a "uniter." It's scary to think that this guy might become President.

Imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had said, "I'm keeping my ear open to racists." You can't bring people together through seas of ignorance and intolerance. More after the jump.

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