The GOP fiddles while Rome burns

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It is disturbing that the Republicans have defaulted back to 1990's style hyper partisanship rather than voters' desire for action and change in Washington. They are calling a four alarm fire on a 'scandal' that has zero to do with President Elect Obama, and are more interested in union busting than they are in responding to an economic emergency. The GOP is fiddling as Rome burns.

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Sarah Pal'in around with anti-Americans

Slate has written an expose that calls to mind the adage about how people that live in glass houses (or igloos) should not cast stones. Sarah Palin cheered on the activities of the Alaska Independence Party, a party founded by a man who denounced that United States in front of the United Nations with Iran as his sponsor.

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Office right winger reminds me of why Obama must win

re-posted from Daily Kos We all know 'that guy'; the one that has Rush Limbaugh playing 24/7 at his desk at work and swears that Bush never lied - not even once. On a recent trip back to my office, I overheard him explaining why the financial crisis happened: Carter, Clinton, Janet Reno (for real), and above all else: MINORITIES.

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Disturbing e-mail jokes about Obamas' deaths

My father forwarded this to me (along with about 20 other people). It jokes about the Obama family dying in a plane crash, and uses a child to deliver the punchline. The right wing's hatred never ceases to amaze me.

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I endorse Obama

While I am not a big fan of Senator Obama and have serious reservations about him, he is by far the lesser of two evils. He will be getting my vote come November, and I encourage other Clinton supporters that are dragging their feet to reexamine their thinking.

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Disturbingly Intense Racism at

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Today Drudge Report ran the headline "'Black national anthem' stirs controversy in Denver..." Drudge linked to a video hosted a, that has received intensely racist feedback. Companies, including Microsoft advertise on that site and should be made aware.

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Celebrating Mother's Day with Hillary

Over 2000 people showed up to celebrate Mother's Day with Hillary Clinton in New York on Saturday in a crowded ballroom. It was my honor to spend my day with the best candidate for the Presidency, and I was overwhelmed by the strong support she is receiving on her path to winning the popular vote and the democratic nomination.

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Obama wants a woman to be Vice President

Someone needs to tell Senator Barack Obama that the Constitution only provides for one Vice President. Obama has dangled the Vice Presidency in front of three prominent female politicians in a Janus-faced strategy to gain their support.

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Tell us another one Senator Obama

Senator Obama is just now demonstrating righteous anger toward his former pastor over controversial remarks that he made at the pulpit - sermons that Senator Obama undoubtedly heard and did not object to during his 20+ years spent as a parishioner. Talk about a delayed reaction! The American people aren't stupid Senator: You are merely angry because he is raining on your parade.

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Talking Points Memo: Rules provide for the Florida and Michigan delegations to be seated

Republished with the express permission of authors Jon Winkleman and Jeffrey H. Campagna

Senator Obama and his surrogates, including, are waging a public relations battle to pressure the DNC to refuse credentials to the Michigan and Florida delegations for the Democratic National Convention. Their message consists of misrepresentations and lies about the DNC rules concerning these states. Unfortunately most news outlets and commentators are repeating this misinformation without ever checking the Obama campaign's claims for accuracy against the actual DNC rules.

It is critical that every one of us combat this misinformation. There has been much discussion recently about the will of the voters. We can't accurately determine which candidate has the greatest support amongst primary voters if we disregard the preference of 1.5 million voters in Florida while giving outsize weight to the 250,000 who caucused in Iowa, and even more outsize influence to the mere 20,000 people who participated in the Democrats Abroad contest.

Senator Clinton won decisive victories in both Florida and Michigan in January and is entitled to the delegates she won from those states. In the tight race for delegates, Florida and Michigan could decide who will be the Democratic nominee for president.

Regardless of who wins the nomination, it is important that the victory be based in the rules. If the nominee's victory is perceived to be based on false information or rules violations, the Party will be divided going into November. We can't afford such a scenario.

Please correct all misstatements and cite the actual sections of the Rules where applicable. Also direct the person repeating the misinformation to the actual DNC Delegate Selection Rules posted online at, 008delegateselectionrules.pdf

In addition to forwarding these talking points to fellow Hillary supporters, send them to Obama supporters who you believe support a fair application of the rules. Point out to them that it is for the good of everyone that all understand the rules of the game. If someone remains argumentative and insists that Hillary is cheating, simply ask,

"Have you actually read the rules?"

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