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    Why do the Obama partisans have such a problem with the first amendment ?

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    I wonder when the Obamanauts are going to get out of denial.

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     Obamanauts have a 1001 reasons why Obama is slipping in all the polls. Don't worry about the polls they say it's all about the electoral college. And if that doesn't work they post a juvenile cartoon and accuse you of being a troll. These numbers stink. They stink folks there's no other way to describe it in the context of the electoral landscape and McCain as a candidate. I'm getting fed up of the rationalisations, they'll still be rationalising after Obama has lost the race. They never deign to tell you why he's slipping so I'm going to tell you one of the reasons. It's called Clinton. In fact with every day that passes I'd say it's more likely he's going to have to pick her to pull this situ around. I've always thought this was inevitable.  

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    Agree run this as an ad. It's enormously powerful makes Obama look grown up but vvery real.

  • Remember Clinton actually got more votes. Obama or surrogates need to start a McCain fact sheet campaign, all the personal dirt, all the flip flops, all the senior moments, the FULL DUMP. How McCain is getting away with this bs is beyond me but he is. I think Obama's personal stance is the right one but he needs a surrogate with deep pockets.

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    Edwards who was a deeply lacklustre vp candidate last time and has a illegitimate kid scandal which is almost certainly true hanging around in he background,helps him more???? I honestly think you people are loopy, in the nicest possible way, but loopy.  

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    He's consistent with Rass. Go look at the average at RCP. Pew just has a poll out with him 5% ahead, break out the champagne, it's all over. He's barely eaking out a lead. I'm not trying to be nasty, I want the guy to win more than you can believe, but get real here. He had a fantastic week last week and if there's any justice in the world he should be steamin given that McCains performance is crap, the country is 80% wrong direction and Bush hasn't been above 30% or so for two years. He aint. If he announced Clinton was on the ticket his numbers would go up by 5% overnight.  
  • Well why aren't the Obama campaign or it's surrogates flooding the airwaves with this crap and throwing in a couple of inflammatory zingers so they get run a million times for free. McCain's bs is bizarre, Obama needs to stay cool but he also needs someone telling the facts. Ultimately I do think this is all going to backfire but it revs up the troops as Obama counter attacks do. Is it beyond the wit of Moveon or similar to come up with a series of ads called somenting like the McCain fact sheet and run them steadily as a series that demolishes every nasty little lie this guy tells.

    The John McCain fact sheet.      

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    Despite the rather labored attempt to be funny, funnily enough Obama should be doing a bit better in CA. Not a lot better but he should be ahead more than 15%.

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    This is self delusion on a grand scale. Obama is narrowly eaking out a lead and has been for weeks. Last week was a triumph and by the end of this week he's got a average poll lead of around 2.5%. Given the electoral landscape, McCain's abysmal performance and teh national mood of pessimism Obama should be pulverizing him. He's not. Why? Why not answer that question instead of it will be alright on the night bs. I've always thought he was going to need Clinton to pull this off and every day that goes by proves it.      

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    Yep and the result was Clinton actually collected more votes than Obama. And even if we exclude FL and MI is was close.  

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    However, Democrats will gain seats in congress. I expect a good five seat gain in the senate.

    Sounds like you've already faced the possibility of losing. Incredible.

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    Clinton has everything to do with his numbers. And then you top it off with another of those little masterpieces of arrogance about no one expecting Clinton to be on the ticket. Well maybe a lot of her supporters did and they are not all Pumas as you dismiss them. There is a bit of a schism in the Democratic party over this, deny it all you like.

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    Don't you love these Daydream believers. This statement should be framed and hung on a wall.

    "I don't see them as falling as much as adjusting."

    They are bad numbers. Good grief face it.

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    What is the purpose of this diary. What about one about the Teutonic Knights and their oppression of the Slavs.  


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