The Trouble Republicans are in.

If anyone wants a superb analysis of just how deep the doo doo in which the GOP finds itself really is, they could do worse than go to the NY Review of Books which is carrying a review by Michael Tomasky titled They'd Rather be Right. If you want a short cut you can go to Real Clear Politics where they have listed it in today's offering under the title The GOP and its base. I'm not sure how you do links here but it's easy enough to find.

Essentially it suggests the GOP is ceasing to be a mainstream party and has become more of a faction in thrall to three interest groups. The Neocons in foreign policy. The Theocons on value issues. And Radical Anti Taxers of the Norquist variety. These three groups who are all overlapping to some extent have recently been joined by the extreme nativist anti immigrant strand. All the Republican presidential candidates have to a greater or lesser extent embraced the positions of these three groups which mirror exactly the positions of the current deeply unpopular incumbent.

I think this analysis is spot on. I personally have observed them steadlily loosing the moderate Republican upper middle classes for the past four years (I jumped ship in the mid nineties when it was already becoming apparent they were losing their minds). Friends of mine who scoffed seven years ago now look back on the Clinton era as a golden age as it was in many respects.

For a sense of just how iron a grip these three groups have on the party you just have to check out their shills at AEI, the WSJ ed page, the National Review, or Fox News. The Republican party has maneuvered itself onto the wrong side of just about every major issue of the day and they are totally oblivious of it. The author highlights an article in the NR by Lowry and Ponnaresh warning of the danger the party is in but Lowry and Ponnaresh don't seem to understand that it's precisely their brand of politics that put them there. If the Republican party looses big time next year I expect a civil war to break out while these conflicts are resolved. They still have faint chance of hanging onto the presidency if McCain is there candidate and the Democrats make a Quixotic choice although I don't think it likely. The hunger to be done with Bush and all his works is palpable.

If you have ten minutes check out Tomasky's article. It's superb.    

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Re: The Trouble Republicans are in.

To do links, just copy and paste the entire URL (starting with http) into your text, and it shows as a link:

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And thanks for doing it. It's a great piece.

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Bush destroyed the GOP

Amazing to see how quickly it has fallen. Dems have an amazing chance in '08 to make these chances structural. I think the main point will be, whoever ends up President (praying it is a Dem), we will need to move VERY QUICKLY on the big issues we've been running on to show that we can do more than just win elections. That means major health care reform/overhaul, rescinding the Bush tax cuts, and quickly regaining our respected position abroad.

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