PA-08: Keeping a promise.

Way back in 2004, we read here on MyDD that the the Republican Party, the NRCC, and George W. Bush himself were pulling out the stops in order to help Mike Fitzpatrick defeat Ginny Schrader.  

At the time, I speculated in the diary comments that this move was specifically targeted to discourage progressive bloggers.  I wrote:  

Really -- what kind of difference could one House seat make to the GOP?  I have to believe that the NRCC is targeting this district in order to smackdown and discourage liberal bloggers.  If they can keep "our" candidate from winning in 2004, I'm sure they're counting on us not to dig our pockets as deeply for candidates in 2006.

Here's my response to that:  

I pledge now to contribute to the winner of the 2006 Democratic Primary in PA-08 (who I believe will be the incumbent Ginny Schrader!) at least the same amount that I have contributed to Schrader this year.

Today I honored that pledge.  If you were caught up in the excitement of Ginny Schrader's campaign back in 2004, I urge you to help Patrick Murphy now -- let's let the NRCC know that when they hit us, we hit back.  

Chris Bowers still has this campaign listed as "Toss-up / Lean Rep".  Let's change it:  volunteer if you can, donate if you can't.

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