• Yup.  We have a retailer that carries Jones Sugar Cane Cola (the same contents, plain label) for $4.79 for a six-pack.  

    So, um, a 200% or so markup for a novelty without any indication of actual support going to the candidates?

    Count me out.

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    Speaking of dailykos; did y'all read the front page tidbit that they're now an immigration blog?  

    That their fundraising strategy now is to support pro-immigration candidates in Western states, and maybe throw a few bones to other candidates here or there?  

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    At least some of the reasons for $4 gasoline won't change quickly.

    In this case, one of the reasons why gasoline is so expensive is that we have to buy it from other countries.  The dollar is weak against foreign currencies these days, and is likely to remain so throughout the first several months of Obama's term as other countries assess how the 'new guy' is on the economy.

    On the other hand, I also suspect that a Democratic congress combined with a Democratic DOJ will, ahem, incite oil companies to sell gasoline at a lower profit margin, so we should get some relief but not much in 2009.

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    I'm wondering if an early push might make Erik Fleming's bid to unseat Thad Cochran competitive?  In the wake of the Travis Childers victory in MS-01, we're seeing new efforts to register Democratic voters, lots of first-time voters, and lots of new African-American voters.  With Barack Obama at the top of the ticket to drive turnout, is it possible that a well-supported Fleming could be competitive against Cochran in a way that he wasn't against Lott in 2006?  

    Picking up the Mississippi Twofer would be a huge dent in GOP plans to hold on to 41 seats.

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    Matt, I think you've called this wrong.  

    From the story, we've learned that Lieberman, Johnson, and Lamont were all three at the same march to honor our veterans.  Honoring veterans isn't something that ought to be politicized, and I applaud all three politicians for doing so.  

    Here in Virginia, I've seen parade organizers ask the elected officials to march together at the front of the parade.  Without more information, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that Lieberman and Johnson were asked to march together (and Lamont, not being an elected official currently, was not so asked).  

    If that was the case, I think Pelosi's statement is reasonable and fair.  She's had lots of other opportunities to criticize Lieberman and didn't, and reporting on those opportunities would have made for a much stronger story than this.

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    Three hours of phonebanking -- 115 calls -- in rural southwest Virginia for Jim Webb.

    I signed up for three more hours tomorrow, too.

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    Do a Google search for "waffles", and what link shows up first in the list -- even 2 years after he last ran for office?

    RB, I hope your basic sense of fairness will allow you to concede that we "disgusting liberals" weren't the first to use Google-bombing to help our candidates advance.  We're just the first to be open and up-front about it.

    Incidentally:  plans, and clues.

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    Renzi's got awful taste in women.

    I hope they hang him out to dry.

  • I agree completely.  Linking to RaisingKaine ought to be a "red flag".

    The article you selected is a great article on Allen's racism -- but I wonder if that story's gotten as much traction as it's going to get.  I think most Virginians have heard the Macaca story by now.  

    Here's an article that sums up Allen's failure to disclose the shares of Xybernaut he owned --

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2006/10/08/AR2006100800338. html

  • I retract my most recent comment.  If you follow the 'parent' link to my first comment, you'll see that I had replied to Spiffarino, not to you.  (And that's who I had meant to respond to in the first place.)  

    Now, will you apologize for accusing me of "making shit up"?  

  • My bad -- I had you confused with someone else.  I apologize.

  • You write, "They equate all rudeness as bad, and all civility as always good."  

    I believe you're unwittingly equating rudeness with assertiveness, and civility with passivity.  They're not the same thing -- one can be civil and assertive.  

    Schechter allowed his rudeness to take him off-message.  The snark about sending Mark Foley to scare Iraqi children, for example, was a missed opportunity to say something meaningful and incisive.  

    He's performed brilliantly in the past, but was totally off his game in this clip.  

  • I notice that you've expressed your disagreement by giving "1" ratings to people that were disappointed by Cliff's performance.  

    It's widely considered an abuse of the ratings system to use the rating to voice a disagreement.  Low ratings should be reserved for posts that are disruptive, trollish, or unwarranted personal attacks.  

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    I'm not persuaded that RT Strategies' polls are worth putting a lot of stock in.  Despite R's and T's separate experience, this company is new and unproven, and a lot of their polls seem like outliers.  

    Using them to show that CQ is off the mark seems a little pot-kettle.  (Which is not to say I support CQ, just that I think a better argument could be made than this one.)

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    Thanks for the link -- it's Phil Kellam (VA-2), though, not Larry Kissell (NC-8).  


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