Republican leaders in the past week have made it clear they don't believe in the right to Privacy. The right to individual privacy is outlined in the 4th amendment to the Constitution. President Bush, who would rather act like a Dictator than a president, felt it was ethical to violate our very own constitution by authorizing spying on American citizens without a warrant. This is why we are now in the Middle of PRIVACY-GATE -- a severe scandal.

This Shameful action has occurred because we have one party rule -- the Republican Party. It is time to make sure that something like PRIVACY-GATE never happens again.   Democrats are need more than ever to bring back balance to Government. Democrats are needed more than ever to save our Democracy from the corrupt leadership in charge that has not been held accountable by the republican-led congress.


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People don't care...
Sadly, people don't care.  I do, I hate it and I hate these Repugs... but I am but a small minority.  Plus it turns out Clinton and Carter had the same options available to them.  But the issue really is... people don't care.  They want to feel safe, whether they really are or not.  Just watch.  Our leaders are going to make a big stink about this and not only will people not care but I predict it'll actually wind up working against us.  It'll wind up with more people saying, "See, those Democrats are just so weak on national defense and protecting Americans."  Sigh... sometimes it's all so depressing...
by Blue Dreams 2005-12-21 08:21AM | 0 recs
Re: People don't care...
Blue Dreams on popular opinion:

"See, those Democrats are just so weak on national defense and protecting Americans."

I will now let you in on a little secret: Americans are .001% worried about national defense issues. They are afraid of their own government. So they just assume they will be spied upon. And they will be. But they really need to stand up to that government. And meanwhile, they pretend to be patriots. But they're really a nation of jellyfish.

by blues 2005-12-21 09:14AM | 0 recs
Re: People don't care...
this isn't true Carter and Clinton both did it thru the Fisa act
by orin76 2005-12-21 12:00PM | 0 recs


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