Is General Petraeus simple a Shill for the Bush adm

It seems that General Patraeus report will be nothing more than a a happy happy report that is meant to keep the surge going. It seems that the congressmen are being taken on nonsense tour that simply show them the good areas but sheild them from anything bad. They are being shown a happy happy report that has no real connection with what is going on the ground in Iraq. As has been show in the resently release Gao draft as well as in the fact that the nie had a happy face put on it by an alteration made to it by General Patraeus, as well as the Pentagons saying it was going to "update" the GAO report.

It seems that there is mounting evidence that we are being sold a bill of goods on Iraq. It's questionable how much "progress" there is in Iraq on the ground what the truth is quesitonable since the reports coming out of Iraq directly from Petraeus is more Political than it is factual. It seems that the number of attacks on civilians in Iraq has not lessened. The number of troop deaths is 81 (as of Aug 30th) now for aug. which is higher than July and higher than aug 2006 which was 65. and is one of the top ten months of us death tolls in iraq since the war,  started.

There is little or no political progress, and really no willingnes to create it.

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Re: Is General Petraeus simple a Shill for the Bus

I have a lot of respect for General Petraeus , but it seems the administration is going to doctor the report. Hence I am not going to believe whatever the report says.

The surge is helping to reduce violence in some places , and its just limited . That however still doesn't change the underlying dynamic of the civil war.

There has to be a radical overhaul of the strategy over there , that will focus more on political reconciliation and a strategic redeployment of troops while still keeping Al Queada on the run.

Yes the white house will doctor it. Its a case of who do I believe the administration or my lieing eyes . I'll rather pick my eyes.

by lori 2007-08-31 04:44PM | 0 recs
Re: Is General Petraeus simple a Shill for the Bus

Yes, Petraeus is a shill. No matter how smart you are, you can't flunk the obedience tests, which are there specifically to weed out the officers with morals more complicated than a salute.

My father expounded on this phenomenon all his life, because he went in the Navy as an officer and purposely got himself busted to avoid the peacetime-officer office wars. The result was he never had to worry about promotions, because in the enlisted ranks they are based on performance, not ass-kissing.

by OrmondOtvos 2007-08-31 11:40PM | 0 recs


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