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    Good Ad for Hillary, but she still voted for this #&*$^%@ war.  End of discussion, I can not support anyone who voted for this #$%@#$ war.

    As far as FL or MI mascot to follow Obama around that is retarded.  She we have a rule book follow Hillary around and say "We told you not to break the rules".  

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    mention the blue dress, I love seeing the reaction...

  • comment on a post Michigan and Florida Could Re-Vote By Mail over 6 years ago

    I used to support the idea of letting FL and MI revote.  

    But it pisses me off that they were warned about breaking the rules but broke them anyway, they whined about disenfranchisement and now we will let cast the pivotal votes to decide for the entire country between Obama or Clinton.

    Sorry but no, you broke the rules.  There must be other ways to win back to Florida and Michigan voters then to award them with the pivotal vote.  How about coming up with a new primary plan that allows different regions of the country to vote first.

    PS Ever since Florida in 2000 I despise that state, it is the white trash Riviera.  Are another 100,000 fake felons going to be purged from the voting roles for this election.  Clean up your own house before whining about your vote not counting.  You idiots in Florida cost all of us Al Gore!


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