• ... can go straight to [very warm place].

    The smears and lies he spread during the primaries are unforgivable.

    The best thing he can do now is switch to being a Republican. He gives our side as bad a name as Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin give to theirs.

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    Obviously I was and am a huge Hillary Clinton supporter.

    But I will concede that it's easier for her than for him to vote no on this, just as it's easier for Al Gore now to propose sweeping climate change laws.

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    I don't remember the specific things you wrote, hootie, but I commend you for realizing belatedly that Hillary Clinton wasn't so bad after all.

    Unfortunately, for me, the primary season felt like a giant blur of violent Hillary-hatred, not just from anonymous blog commenters, but including the gasbags at MSNBC, prominent lefty bloggers, Obama campaign surrogates, newspaper columnists, and senior leaders of the Democratic Party (including, in a bad moment, Ted Kennedy). I still can't believe all the smears and lies that were propagated about her.

    So when these same people come and ask for my vote and my donations, well, let's just say my first reaction isn't so positive.

    Does this mean I'll vote for McCain? No, of course not. But it does mean that I want to hold the party accountable for what they did and what they condoned. I'm not sure how to do that. The party has clearly demonstrated its contempt for me, and clearly doesn't think there's much I can do about it. They're probably right about that. But it doesn't mean I have to go along.

    Anyway, thanks for the diary.

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    Toxic name-calling and blanket criticisms just like on DK.

    For what it's worth, I switched parties to vote for McCain in the 2000 primary to try to stop George W. Bush. I immediately switched back.

  • Don't call people morons.

  • I think I know what this commenter means.

    Obviously a lot of things will be different whether a Democrat or a Republican is in charge. But a lot of the things that we most care about aren't likely to affect us personally.

    My primary issue is health care (and I still think Hillary was by far the best candidate on that), but right now I'm lucky enough to have health care and whether or not we get universal health care won't affect me personally.

    I'm an environmentalist, but I'm not likely to ever visit ANWR, and I won't notice if we drill for oil there or not. Offshore rigs will be ugly, but I may never see them. If we log this forest or blow the top off that mountain, I'll probably never know about it unless I read about it in the news.

    Telecom immunity is ridiculous, but would I actually notice if they had to fork over a few hundred million dollars in settlements?

    Gay marriage is a long overdue step towards equality and justice, and I think the people who are leading the charge will be remembered fondly by history. I do have a few friends who will probably get married now, and I'm happy as hell for them, but again, it's not an issue that affects me directly.

    The death penalty is an obsolete act of official revenge, but I don't plan on committing any capital offenses, and would probably prefer it to life without parole in any case.

    I live in a state where abortion will almost certainly always be legal, no matter what the Supreme Court does.

    Does this mean that I don't care about these issues, or what they mean to other people? No, of course not. But most of these are abstract things to most of us. We care about them not for ourselves, but for society at large.

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    Maybe you can defend Obama's rejection of Clark's comments. Or his sudden embrace of the new FISA bill. Or his support for expanded capital punishment. Or his backtracking on public financing. Or saying his rhetoric on NAFTA was overheated. Just today he resurrected the old canards about how Vietnam War protesters spit on veterans and trashed the symbols of our country.

    It's good politics, it's pragmatism, it's moving to the center. Etc.

    But at what point does it stop being understanding and start being rationalization? At some point should we start to think he might actually believe what he's saying?

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    Not to be too pessimistic, but if this ship hasn't sailed, it's pulling up anchor right now.

    The vote to begin debate was 80-15. The Senate, for better or for worse, knows what it's doing. The Senators know that any modification will send the bill back to the House, so they won't modify it.

    It will be just like the Military Commissions Act. They arranged a bunch of votes on amendments for show--the closest was one that would restore habeas corpus, which failed by 51-48. Then the entire bill passed by a big margin.

    I have no idea why the Democrats are so eager to capitulate on this issue. From Pelosi and Hoyer in the House, to Reid and Rockefeller in the Senate, to Obama on the campaign trail, they've already given up.

  • First, if I remember correctly, sricki is a woman.

    Second, I found the behavior at DKos during the primary to be repugnant. Given the great respect I have for sricki's writing, I don't believe they now deserve the legitimacy that her diary gives them.

    Finally, thank you for your service to this country.

  • I wish you hadn't posted this at DailyKos. The kinds of things they promoted during the primary season were horrible in the extreme, whether it was the scurrilous claim about video manipulation of Obama's face, the fake Mickey Kantor video, or repeated accusations that Hillary Clinton was a racist and the worst kind of person. That site was the epitome of everything noxious and damaging during the primaries.

    No, it wasn't everyone there, and it may have changed now. But they did more to slime and slander Hillary Clinton than anyone else on the left, and I for one will have nothing to do with them ever again.

    Feel free to criticize or downrate me, but that's my position and I'm not budging.

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    I've read Obama's statement and a couple of news articles about his opinions on this, and I have no clue whether Obama agrees with the decision or not.

    Anyone else know?

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    Obviously this is pandering. But pandering that almost everyone does. Mario Cuomo and Tim Kaine are the only two that I know who opposed the death penalty and were willing to take the consequences of it.

  • Linus: Charlie Brown, you win some, you lose some.

    Charlie Brown: Really? Gee, that'd be neat!

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    He tells you things in January that make you support him.

    He tells other people things now that make them support him.

    You're sure that what he said in January is what he really things.

    They're sure that what they're hearing now is what he really thinks.

    What makes you so sure that you're right?

  • I don't think Feingold can join a ticket that has rejected public financing.


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