Celebrate National High Five Day - April 20th


With the barrage of gloomy diaries on Dkos, I have decided to make an effort to post uplifting diaries.  Learn below about two young visionaries who want to bring the world together.

Two hands at a time.

IMAGINE for one day, people come together regardless of differences and slap palms to signify 'unity to community'.

That was the vision of the founding fathers of National High Five Day - Wynn Walent and Conor Lastowka.  

Wynn Walent works for a non-profit in Harlem: http://friendsofthechildrenny.org/

Conor is a computer wizard who recreated Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, MY Mets vs. Boston Red Sox using frames of Nintendo Game 'RBI Baseball' spliced with Vin Scully play-by-play commentary.  You can watch the 'Your Tube' video below:


Back to National High Five Day...

I will let Conor and Wynn explain the origins of National High Day

The Day That Started It All

The first National High Five day began five years ago, when inspiration hit a few college students in the early morning hours. With little expectation or indication of what the reaction would be, the University of Virginia undergraduates summoned their courage and their friends to set their ideas into action. They posted fliers, wrote an article for the paper, and devoted a week's worth of comics to promoting the newfound holiday. Disregarding class attendance in favor of this important cause, they recruited friends, made gallons of lemonade and set up a booth on the university's central lawn. Waving handmade signs and blasting music in the spirit of the holiday, they attracted the attention and the high fives of students passing by.

Soon they realized just how far their idea had gone. "Professors instructed their students to give a high five before class would begin. Strangers were witnesses on faraway corners of the lawn giving high fives without instruction being shouted or threats being applied. People we were introduced to months later related tales of their own gleeful participation. At one point in the day, a group of about fifty elementary school students walked by us in a line, smiling, laughing, and hugging, all perfectly in time to 'Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard.' They gave high fives, leaping up to reach taller members in our group, they showed enthusiasm, and they showed us that what we were doing was something pure."

The event created a huge buzz on campus and in the local community of Charlottesville, Virginia.  The local news affilliates taped the event for the evening news.  NAACP Chairman Julian Bond joined into the festivities and slapped high 5s on the UVA campus. 'Jimmy Kimmel' did a segment in honor of National High Day.  Watch Conor and Wynn's official documentary that follows these events from inception to the spread of National High Five Day across America.    

Watching the doc. video reaffirms my faith in the human race.  Relax.  For a moment, set your mind to peace and watch this heart warming documentary video. The YouTube video link is below and runs for 14 minutes.



Remember this Thursday  NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY - APRIL 20TH

But, I dont know how to do a High Five?  Will you teach me?

As a public service announcement, two expert British 'high5ologists' show the proper technique to administer the High 5: http://www.highfive.me.uk/...

With a small greeting, we can bring strangers together and remind everyone that we all share a common bond.  



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