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    Zogby is trash. It has dearly earned that reputation.

    It is a joke.

  • What about the Latino vote? McCain has already begun   an attempt to win them over.

    Can anybody explain how BO will win without

    a) The Latino vote ( in which he has performed rather poorly, even in Illinois)

    b) Working class white voters ( the signs for him are on the wall)

    c) Women and voters above the age of 40.

    Where is this idea of BO bringing people 'together'? Where is that winning coalition?

    The fact also remains, a majority of AA voters have said in many exit polls that they would be happy to vote for either Hillary or Obama should either be the nominee.

    BO needs Hillary more than she needs him.

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    Kos is dangerous for the Democratic Party. The time when Kos and his ilk will be seen as a liability for the party is not far away.

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    I think it is important that one recognizes the significance of every section of the electorate. Everybody counts, and neither candidates' supporters ought to diminish the others.

    The disdain shown towards working-class, middle-income families by some of Barack Obama's supporters is affront to the Democratic Party in itself.

    One would have thought that Obama's message of sweeping change and all-inclusive politics would have included working class voters. But he lost a central premise of his candidature when he made those comments about rural voters.

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    When there's an immediate need to fix a bleed, you put a band-aid first. And then you take care of the problem for the long term.

    I think thats quite simple to me.

  • Take a high-5 for that lovely prediction :)

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    I am responding your accusation that a lot of Clinton supporters here are actually McCain's followers.

    Do you have any basis for saying things like that?

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    Blaming Clinton supporters for Obama's pastor seems a bit illogical to me.

  • I don't want to belabor on this, but how else would one describe Wright's relationship with respect to Obama?

    Given what is in the autobiography, the long association that he has had with Wright, I think calling Wright his spiritual mentor is fair.

    If spiritual mentor is not the right phrase, then please give that relationship another name.

    But the association has been enough for many voters.


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    The simple fact is this:

    Barack Obama called Wright his 'spiritual mentor'. For over 20 years.

    And its really hard for one to believe that Wright has developed these really sick views suddenly.

    Equally troubling  is the fact that Obama says that he never heard Wright utter those sentiments ( despicable hate-rants IMO ) before.

    I think its turned off many voters.

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    hahaha, LadyEagle, I laugh every time I hear that phrase.

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    super endorsement!

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    The Obama phenomenon is over. The fizz in the air has ebbed away. You can almost sense it.

  • It wasn't my yardstick, I was referring to your yardsticks - one for Obama and one for Clinton.

    Here's a parallel for you :

    1. Obama votes for gas tax holidays. He later comes out against it and offers no other plan than a mere long-term goal of reducing the addiction to oil.

    2. Obama votes for the Dick Cheney's atrocious energy bill, and now says that a new energy policy is badly needed in Washington.

    3. Clinton votes for the Iraq resolution. Says on the Senate floor that it isn't an authorization for a preemptive strike. Now says she regrets it, and offers a detailed plan to get out of Iraq and tie Bush's hands now before he ties us permanently in Iraq.

    No wait! Clinton cannot do that! Its purely an Obama prerogative to vote one way and then to say 'Oh, I learned'.

    Hahaha, I guess this one did work out!

  • Poor judgment?

    A poorer judgment in my opinion would be to just sit back idly and offer no plans to aggressively tackle the gas price, and just continue to launch a broadside against some ideas that are coming up.

    I have read her proposal. She intends to impose a windfall profits tax on the oil companies to pay for it this summer. It is a necessary evil to ward off an outrageous $120 a barrel price at the markets. The eventual goal is to reduce the addiction to oil.

    But that addiction won't happen overnight. You speak of crumbling infrastructure. I'm not sure if you have read her proposals to fix that. If you haven't please do.

    I have read every bit of her plans, and I am convinced that she really gets it.

    So before you attack my judgment, I suggest you counter my arguments with policy proposals offered by Obama.


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