Wisconsin Gov. Announces "Declaration of Energy Independence"

Today Governor Doyle announced Wisconsin's "Declaration of Energy Independence" at a press conference in Green Bay. In the announcement he declares that Wisconsin should take the lead in renewable energy production. Some specific goals, according to a report by the Green Bay Press Gazette, include generating 25 percent of Wisconsin's power and 25 percent of the state's transportation fuel from renewable resources by 2025. He is also urging Wisconsin to capture 10 percent of the renewable energy industry's market share by 2030, this is likely to bring tens of thousands of jobs to our state.

The Governor's office states that we will achieve these new goals through comprehensive efforts such as grant funding, incentives for research, support for ethanol and other biofuels, and a new initiative to make several University of Wisconsin campuses 100% energy independent within five years. Governor Doyle is also directing state agencies to work toward achieving the goals in the Declaration. The Governor's press release goes into even more detail regarding the first actions to be taken within the next few months.

This sounds like a very good, ambitious plan that is aimed in the right direction. All of that wonderful news and then we turn to the Green Campaign and everything is sour. Apparently Green may have put out his press release against this plan before he even saw it because he says the following about Doyle's plan: "another nebulous idea on high energy prices without any kind of solid plan." Nebulous? Not a solid plan? I just read three pages of a press release stating specific long term and short term goals including making several UW campuses totally energy independent over the next five years! Could you get any more specific than that?

It seems obvious that either the Green Team put out the press release before actually knowing the Doyle plan for energy independence, or he is feeling a little insecure about the do nothing Congress of which he is currently a member. The only actions that they have taken have helped increase the profits of Big Oil and increase the cost to consumers. During their recent "Energy Week" Green's only solution was to allow more drilling of oil. Relying on all of the same old dirty forms of energy with no looking forward. It's like a junkie trying to cure themselves by simply finding a new dealer of the same old drug. I guess with that kind of record of energy dependence, I would probably feel just as insecure as Mark Green must feel today.

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Energy Independence

That's nice and all but exactly how does the governor plan on getting this energy independence?

Laudable to talk about the subject but it is harder to do something.

I looked for the multi-page report on the governor's website and elsewhere and didn't find it easily.  Admittedly I didn't look very hard because at least some of what he says is counter-productive; e.g., lowering gas prices.

I shouldn't pick on the governor because he seems pointed generally in the right direction but I find annoying the pitifully shallow proposals that consist mostly of goal-setting with mostly some demonstration projects like whatever the UW campuses are doing.  I found this in the voluminous vapid reports:

"Two dozen senators of both parties, including Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., have co-sponsored legislation, the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act, that would invest in homegrown ethanol in order to cut our oil use by 25 percent over the next 20 years."

We could do a lot right now by eliminating the hefty tariff on ethanol from Brazil.  That would mean corn squeezins would be uneconomical but isn't that the problem in the first place?  That stuff is too good for car engines. :-)

Again I am glad the governor is interested but it would be nice to find a politician that had the initiative to become truly knowledgeable and willing to make some very tough choices.  

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