Wisconsin Could be the First State to Defeat Anti-Gay Amendment

Julaine Appling, executive director of the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin, made the following comment in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"It reminds us there is an awesome job of education that must be done."

Who is Appling planning on educating and why?  Well, apparently she is planning on teaching Wisconsinites some sort of lesson because a new Wispolitics poll shows that she is on the losing side of the attempt to ban civil unions and gay marriage.  Apparently she feels that an increasing amount of Wisconsinites are ignorant because they disagree with her extreme views.

The new Wispolitics poll should be very encouraging on several levels to the opponents of the Discrimination Amendment. The poll found that only 49% of Wisconsinites favored the Amendment banning civil unions and gay marriage, while 48% opposed it.  The poll has a 4% margin of error which tells us that this could go either way but the momentum is clearly on the side of the Amendment's opponents.

Listening to the extremists on the right, one would think that virtually no one was against enshrining discrimination into our Constitution.  Also quoted in the Journal Sentinel story was Lorri Pickens, campaign manager for Vote Yes for Marriage.  She appears to be in stunned denial regarding this poll.  Among the reasons that she doubts the polls results is because it conflicts with some "survey" that she did of members in 5,000 Wisconsin churches.  Seems like if anyone around this issue needs an education, it might be Lorri Pickens.  Perhaps someone could give her a class in Polling 101, you can't just involve the groups that heavily favor your position and expect to be taken seriously.

There are three additonal bits of information from the Wiscpolitics poll that bode well for fair minded people everywhere in Wisconsin.  One is the fact that, according to the poll, those that described themselves as "liberals" appear to be the most passionate about this issue.  If this leads to actually going to the polls, this Amendment could prove to be a huge backfire to conservatives that thought the issue would help them win the other races on the ballot. The second positive item is that  self described Independent voters generally opposed the ban.  Third, discrimination against the gay community is a dying prejudice.  The poll shows that 18-34 year olds tend to oppose the proposed ban on civil unions and gay marriage.

If the passion that the anti-discrimination forces expressed in the poll translates to a massive get out the vote effort, Wisconsin could very well make history in being the first state to defeat such a bigoted effort.  Talk about education, that would certainly teach Julaine Appling a few things wouldn't it?
-By Cory Liebmann

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Re: Wisconsin Could be the First State to Defeat A

The anti-gay side is dreaming if they think they can "educate" anybody on this.  They've already got all the support they're ever going to have, and their numbers are only gonna go down as more people understand the real harm that discrimination does and that (DUH) treating gay people equally is no threat to anybody else's marriage.

The tide is already turning on this, and Wisconsin is the best chance this year of making this Republican tactic backfire.

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