• comment on a post Polling Project: First Numbers over 8 years ago

    Regarding question number 5. This is a prime example of why polls can be so misleading. You ask that question of all respondents, assuming they are qualified to answer the question. I'd venture to guess that a majority of people you call (Republican or Democrat) who are already employed and have been for some time, have absolutely NO IDEA what the availability of jobs or the job market is like in their area.

    I would have asked prior to this question something to the effect of, have you been employed at your current job for more than 6 months (or something like that) and then the responses to the jobs availability question might have been more on the mark, if you took the responses from ONLY people who are looking for a job currently or have looked for one in the past 6 months... or something along those lines.

    I truly believe the actual facts regarding job availability in this poll are very misleading and do not accurately reflect the actual job market in that area. But you're right... it's a great stat for Democrats. Too bad it's not accurate. (This would be in line with many of the anti-Bush remarks made by Democrats today, though.)


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