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    of presidential candidates.  

  • As an Edwards supporter in Iowa, I need to hear why people changed their minds, so I know how to argue come caucus night.

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    If the Democratic candidate can take Virginia, that pretty much makes the math necessary for the Republican to win impossible, right?

  • "LaRocco responds

    I filed for Lt. Gov. with 20 minutes to spare and ran against the sitting governor who was running for Lt. Gov. I didn't run one TV ad because my fiannces were limited....just like the other statewide candidates. I had to convince the people of Idaho to fire a sitting governor for a lesser job. It was a steep hill to climb. If you simply cling to my '06 outcome you are missing the true story in Idaho.

    Dems in Idaho picked up 6 seats in the state legislature in '06. We came very, very close in 3 state senate races. We had more than 1,000 volunteers out on election day and for total GOTV activities. We doubld our voter files through hard work and considerable expense.

    I have started early....18 months early, and I'm devoting that amount of time to bring balance to Idaho and to increase the majority in the US Senate.

    I won re-election in 1992 by 50,000 votes. When I lost to Larry Craig in a narrow election in 1982 I had no help from the DCCC. Our candidate in the 1st CD (my old seat) in 2006 had no help from the DCCC and garnered 45% of the vote to Sali's 50%."

    more at http://www.dailykos.com/comments/2007/9/ 2/185852/2164/6...

  • I was very disappointed when Ron Sparks chose not to run.  Once we start muscling the Republicans out of even their home base in the south, Democrats will return to their rightful status as the natural governing party of this country. Rick Noriega is a good start, and hopeful we can find someone to smack down Liddy Dole, Thad Cochran and John Warner will retire, and Saxby  Chambliss and Lindsey Graham will get credible challengers.  As strapped as the NRSC is, with enough credible challengers, we could stretch them beyond the breaking point, just like we did last cycle.

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    The problem is that many people are prejudiced against atheists, and the Republican party knows it, that's why they encourage those accusations you mention.  Democrats dance to the Republican tune every time they rush to reassure people that yes, they do share in the general supernaturalism, rather than fighting for the social standing of atheists and agnostics.  That is a more fruitful strategy, because when prejudice against atheists lessens, it won't matter so much if the Democratic party is accused of being godless.

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    1. Edwards

    1. Obama
    2. Dodd
    3. Clinton
    4. Kucinich
    5. Biden
    6. Unsure
    7. Other
    8. Richardson
    9. Gravel

    Richardson has sunk his own battleship as far as I'm concerned with his gawd-awful debate performances. Biden rose because he gave a statement in support of public financing.  I'm warming up slightly to Hillary, not ideologically but to her style.  She effectively used the debates to humanize herself more.  Dodd is a liberal's liberal (except on tort reform), and I'm always down for that.  Edwards is still number one for his strong labor support and consistent statements in favor of public financing, but his lackluster (imo) debate performances hurt him slightly in my eyes.

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    Will they support the public financing of federal elections and the repair of the presidential system? Will they make it a priority?

  • If Hillary evolves into Ted Kennedy, that would be fantastic.  She's fifteen years younger than he is, and he won't last forever.  

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    Conservativism is nothing but a more insecure and more selfish aristocracy.

  • Once torture is sanctioned by the authorities, anything else seems like small potatoes to some.

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    They have a significant amount of land, but I wouldn't go for taxing them, so long as they stay out of the endorsement business.

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    George W. Bush is on the verge of creating a generation of democrats.  All we need now is an inspiring candidate to cement the loyalty of the fellows in my age group.  As a former Feingold supporter myself, I will take your advice, and keep from committing to another candidate too soon.

  • better take one for the team.  

    It would send a huge message to the whole nation for the Democratic caucus to be united in keeping the nation safe from terror.  Meanwhile, Republicans would be split.  Some would be too scared to oppose proposals blessed by the holy saints of the 9/11 commission (all praise their ability to make a government report a best-seller).  The hardcore members would continue to oppose, the theme of "Republicans divided" increases Democratic strength yet again.

    Even one democratic opponent allows the Republican party the fig-leaf of bi-partisan opposition.

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    Robert Gates is going to be the new Michael Brown.  If something happens to our military because Gates has no experience relevant to the military, we'll all wonder why we ever let yet another Bush family retainer through.  But I'm only borrowing from Tristero, who said this far better than I can.  Please, take a look:  http://digbysblog.blogspot.com/2006_11_0 1_digbysblog_archive.html#11631948771532 0678


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