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    This is a truly breathtaking reply.

    I applaud Indie for not giving it the response it deserves.    

  • I do to.  I think we need to find a happy medium between hoping for and believing that we can remake the electoral map while also remembering just how hard we will all have to work to make it happen.  

  • yes, yes, and yes.

  • I haven't seen numbers on Indiana county but my parents are going Obama and I am working on my in-laws there.  They are very hard to read sometimes, but I think they will vote Obama.  Outside of Indiana and White Township, though...it might be a tough county.

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    He is not that bad of a debater.  He survived about twenty of them and was never bumped off his track to victory.  

    McCain has experience all right...

    Do you really and honestly think that Obama fears to go on stage side by side with McCain?  That is laughable.  The contrast between them could hardly bemore stark.  Appearance, rhetoric, policies...each and every factor favors Obama as the breath of fresh air that the country so desperately needs.

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    Jesus Christ Catfish...After reading your bullshit posts I throw up a little bit more in my mouth each time.

    Please tell me that you aren't equating flagpins and patriotism just like the inane right would have the thoughtless do.  You certainly seem to be.  Rather than calling it for the bullshit issue that it is you are suggesting that it wasn't the media's fault, some "average person" really cared about patriotism and asked the question.  That, of course, implies that flagpins have anything to do with patriotism.  Do we really need this much remedial progressive education?  

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    This isn't about debates, but the proposal to offer town hall meetings over the course of the summer to provide opportunities for McCain to find some way to get public attention that his floundering campaign can't generate on its own.  They were never meant to suplant more traditional debates to be held later in the campaign.  You probably know that but prefer to stir up shit anyway.

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    Catfish has been very subtle about his/her trollish tendencies recently, but insistent on pushing the envelope.  I would submit that at some point as this General Election campaign progresses (perhaps we have crossed that threshold already), his/her persistent anti-Obama edge shades into pro-McCain bullshit.  

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    If it is any consolation - I think that it is a very useful term when used in its proper context.  just for kicks I visited hillaryis44 the other day and was astonished to see what was posted there.  Truly astonished.  Dead-enders is an absolutely perfect description of the folks who post that shit over there.  These people are out there - it helps to have an appropriate label for them.  the key is consistency in use of the term.  

  • You are being incredibly generous in offering so much wiggle room to the above post.  I actually see it as pretty hard to read that two ways.  the context is all about choosing the VP.  

    I don't mean to pick a fight with you, but the criticism of the above post is resting on a really solid foundation.

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    Under the original terms of the constitution the winner of the electoral college vote claimed the presidency and the second place finisher won the vice presidency.  This worked out fine for the first several elections as Federalists dominated the national government and carefully orchestrated the selection of Washington and then Adams. But various frustrations with the Adams administration (especially the Quasi War with France and the Alien and Sedition Acts that accompanied them) led to opposition party formation with Jefferson as a figurehead.  The result was the first upset of a sitting president in 1800.  Jeffersonian party leaders were meant to cast one vote for Jefferson and another for Burr except for one so that Jefferson would be president and Burr vice president, but somebody missed the memo and Jefferson and Burr tied, throwing the election to the House controlled by an outgoing Federalist majority.  It seemed possible that they would select Burr out of spite, but largely through Hamilton's Federalist leadership the election was thrown to Jefferson, who Hamilton viewed as the lesser of the two evils.  (That also laid the groundwork for the famous duel as well...another story)  

    To prevent such an occurence from ever happening again, the twelth amendment was ratified in 1804 and calls on electors to cast separate ballots for president and vice-president.

    See, I knew working on a PhD in early American history would come in handy some day.  Now if only there were a few tenure track jobs opening in the near future...

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    Good mercy?

    You don't have to feel entitled to run.  Are you kidding me?  Sure you have to have a deep well of self-confidence and willingness to sacrifice a lot to go through the ringer of the process, but those are VERY different things than a sense of entitlement.  Based on the syntax of your post and its bizarre content I am very willing to hazard the guess that you very likely don't have much of a clue what a sense of entitlement means.  

    And for the record...it's first up to Senator Obama to decide if he wants to offer the job to her.  IF (and I wouldn't bet on it) he offered her the job THEN (and only then) would it be up to her to decide if she would deign to accept it.

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    Excellent points and very true.

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    Damn... I don't mean to assume that this poster is a she.  Please forgive my slip and now I will stop talking with myself.

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    I just did a bit of a scan of this person's posts.  Interesting indeed.  I especially liked the fun little list where she tries to conflate Obama and W.  Great reading that really gives the impression of deep concern about the welfare of the Democratic party.  I wonder if the poster  was inspired by the fantastic analysis of a little preening?


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