YumaSun breaks the Sibel Edmonds wall of silence

As lukery (= Luke Ryland, the leading expert also here) has pointed out it's very much up to the rest of us to give the Sibel Edmonds case wings and legs to keep it moving. Citizen activity. Direct Democracy. If every person interested in this would spend 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes every week to disseminate this story on the new and elsewhere it WILL fly really high. Really soon.

So when the first US not-so-minor newspaper publishes a little crumb of Sibel Edmunds information in their letters section (hopefully not only on the web) it should be celebrated, encouraged, commented and spread (as We Can Change the World did): Yuma Sun: "FBI whistleblower ignored by media". I might have missed something but I can't recall any other US newspaper mentioning Sibel Edmonds after Sunday Times (UK) published their three sensational article (see lukery for links).

You may not want to go through the trouble to set up a blog on YumaSun.com (as I did to celebrate the hole in the wall), but getting an account and thus being able to comment on and recommend the story will boost it a lot. Nevertheless my time spent there resulted in having the blog post on the front page of the site. It's probably gone when you read this, but there must be hundred of smaller and not so small local newspapers all over the US where this can be repeated.

As Peter Dale Scott said in a speech (video extremely worth viewing) not long ago: We can change things. We can search for the truth. We can spread the truth. We have the Internet. The Powerful fear us. But cannot stop us.

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