Insider Advantage Poll: Ms. Clinton leads in GA

Republican presidential primary:

(Fred) Thompson: 36%
Giuliani: 22%
McCain: 10%
Romney: 9%
Huckabee: 7%
Gilmore*: 2%
Brownback: 1%
Others: 1%
Undecided: 12%

* Poll conducted prior to Gilmore announcement of leaving the race.

Democratic presidential primary:

Clinton: 35%
Obama: 27%
Edwards: 16%
Biden: 3%
Richardson: 3%
Kucinich: 1%
Others: 1%
Undecided: 15%

The findings are based on the latest InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion survey, which included 400 registered Georgia voters who said they would vote in a Republican presidential primary if it were held today, along with 400 registered Georgia voters who said they would vote in a Democratic primary if it were held today.

The surveys were conducted for Southern Political Report June 12-14 and were weighted for age, race, and gender. The margin of error is plus or minus 5%.

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Public Policy Polling-NC poll Edwards not the frontrunner

Clinton    27%
Obama      27%
Edwards    26%
Others     10%
Undecided  11% s/PPP_Release_070407.pdf

F.Thompson 34% Giuliani 15% Gingrich 13% Romney 6% Others 5% Undecided 21%

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Ralph Nader ponders another run

After what people considered 2004 as his last campaign, Nader once again considers running again. Again not satisfied with the candidates stances on the war as a major reason for considering the run. 7/4580.html

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CNN: Michael Bloomberg will not be a candidate for president

After reviewing his decision about leaving the GOP, Bloomberg announces that it didn't mean that he would be a candidate for presidency. 7/06/20/bloomberg-not-running-for-presid ent/

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Zogby polling and WIS-TV poll Clinton still leads in SC

Zogby polling

Clinton     33%
Obama       26%
Edwards     21%

McCain      22%
Giuliani    19%
Thompson    11%
Romney      10% 91

WIS-TV poll

Clinton     24%
Obama       23%
Edwards     16% 007/04/23/165537.aspx

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Nebraska Senate: Hagel losing to Bruning

Bruning     47%
Hagel       38% /doc462ce2dd75b0b604401143.txt

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Press Register Clinton winning the hearts of Bama voters

Clinton:     33%
Obama:       25%
Edwards:     12% dex.ssf?/base/news/117723336159290.xml&a mp;coll=3

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EPIC-MRA poll Clinton has wide lead among caucus goers in MI

Clinton 45%
Obama   29%
Edwards 16% icle?AID=/20070419/POLITICS01/704190365

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Strategic Vision Hillary leads in Pennsylvania

Who is your choice for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008? (Democrats only)
Hillary Clinton 33%
Barack Obama 23%
John Edwards 19%
Joseph Biden 3%
Bill Richardson 3%
Christopher Dodd 1%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Undecided 17%

Who is your choice for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008? (Republicans only)
Rudy Giuliani 44%
John McCain 17%
Fred Thompson 10%
Newt Gingrich 5%
Mitt Romney 3%
Sam Brownback 2%
Tom Tancredo 2%
Mike Huckabee 1%
Tommy Thomspon 1%
Jim Gilmore 1%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Ron Paul 1%
Chuck Hagel 1%
Undecided 11% poll_042007.htm

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Suffolk University Romney losing in homestate of MA

Rudy Giuliani 33%
Mitt Romney 21%
John McCain 18%
Tom Tancredo 4%
Fred Thompson 4%
Newt Gingrich 3%
Mike Huckabee 1%
Chuck Hagel 1%
Jim Gilmore 1%
Tommy Thompson 1%
Ron Paul 0%
George Pataki 0%
Duncan Hunter 0%
Sam Brownback 0%

Hillary 32%
John Edwards 19%
Barack Obama 18%
Al Gore 13%
Bill Richardson 4%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Joe Biden 1%
Chris Dodd 0%
Mike Gravel 0% _16_07marginals.pdf

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