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    Obama did not spent alot of time in Illinois house. plus his wife worked for daily jr. in chitown for three or more years if you know anything about illinois you must come from the daily machine to get anywhere look at illinois gov and obama they owe it to DAily just like JFK winning in 1960 check it out and stay away from anyone from the daily machine and chitown or anyone from Illinois I know I have lived heree for 51 plus years.

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    As an Illinois resident I fell I can speak about Obama. He is anti gun. If you loose your guns you will loose everything else. rea really read wha the founding fathers wrote. them read what hitler did before ww2, see what happened to jews and gays and everyone they did not agreee with...... plus obama hs only been in the Senate a 1 and 1/2 really he has been gone most of time running for pres. he has only sponsered one bill since in U.S. senate. What else has he done???????????? nothing  


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