GA-Sen: Bailout may just tip this to Martin

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I'll start with the fundraising plea and then get down into it.

Georgians are quite angry about the rescue plan that has been just been passed and made into law.  At a time when Atlanta just finished choking on fuel shortages, and the rest of the state higher prices than nationally due to short supply, when many Georgians are looking at the bad side of housing value shifts, and dealing with other problems, it has been shown just how close Wall Street and Washington are.

Personally, I think there is a little more hype about the downside of this rescue plan than the mitigating factors.  The price will likely not be nearly so high as $700B, and avoiding an economic meltdown is vitally important.  However, charity on the issue is hard to come by when one compares how much concern the Bush administration has shown for Main Street (Katrina, a hostile labor board, a blind eye and middle finger turned to those suffering foreclosures), and then how quickly it runs to the rescue when its ex-Sachs Treasury Secretary finally gets clued in that the financial world isn't doing so well.

Saxby Chambliss' vote in the Senate for this bill has thus opened a golden opportunity in the race down here in Georgia.

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GA-Sen: The coming air war, Part Two

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Hopefully this diary is timed slightly better than the last.  The halo of the RNC is starting to wear off, and McCain-Palin is going into the country to try and keep up what momentum they can.  Meanwhile, we've still got to deal with the state-by-state duels to take the Senate.

I will post my usual upfront fundraising plea here before getting into the meat of the topic.  Right now, Jim Martin has almost reached the $20k mark on ActBlue.  Is a goal of reaching $50k by the next week too high a mark to set?

Alright, now to the heart of the matter.  This is part two of a two part series.  In the first part, I brought out the first set pieces of Saxby Chambliss in the coming two-month TV slamfest.  The second part is about our side, with Jim Martin.


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GA-Sen: The coming air war, Part One

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I know that defining Sarah Palin before and with the media (I've never seen someone walk into such a field of fire upon announcement, but then my political career is almost short enough to qualify me for a Republican VP nomination), and the RNC is taking up a lot of attention here.  However, down in the smaller plays, such as trying to get to sixty seats in the Senate, there is still a lot of work to do.

I will post my usual upfront fundraising plea here before getting into the meat of the topic.  Right now, Jim Martin has almost reached the $20k mark on ActBlue.  Is a goal of reaching $50k by the next week too high a mark to set?

Alright, now to the heart of the matter.  This will be part one in a two part series.  First, I will introduce the villain, and tomorrow, I will bring out the hero of this little drama brewing in Georgia.

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Help jump start the fight against Chambliss!

I know there are big and important (and not so important) topics that have jumped up on this board in the past couple of days.  Hopefully, I can cut through some of that for some attention.  There are tons of great candidates out there in races across the country, and I am here to continually pass the hat for my little corner and its Senate race.  Namely, GA-Sen.  Let me be somewhat honest - I speak somewhat as an opportunist, as I believe there is a national dislike for Saxby Chambliss among Democrats.  That dislike has yet to convert into the funds we need to strike him with the hammer of karma.

So, I'll start with my fundraising link and repeat it once you've finished reading.

Perhaps I should try to come up with a clever title for the coming series of diaries I will be working on.  I am not a member of the Jim Martin campaign, but I have done some volunteer work with him both in the 2006 Lt. Gov race and the current election.  My original motivation is to push for Democrats (most of the Dixiecrats in Georgia have switched parties by now) within Georgia.  However, with Jim Martin, I think there is a person I can support both as a party member and as a person.

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Saxby Chambliss sez: My netroots beat yours

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So sayeth his campaign to RedState's Erick Ericson, who is a big part of the Peach Pundit in Georgia.

Jim Martin needs a lot of help, and I think he is worthy of some netroots love.

We don't have the benefit of a complacent opponent here in Georgia.  Chambliss, cur that he is, has read the writing on the wall and sees that Georgia is in Democratic crosshairs.  Presidentially speaking, anyhow.  The guy has a war chest that most candidates can only dream of, somewhere around $5.5 million.  He knows the Republican calvary is not going to appear, other than to allow McCain to raise some cash with big donors in the state of Georgia.

The thing is, we can cause the Republicans some headaches with a strong Presidential-Senate showing this year.

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